Set-Up and Maintain Products and Pricing Easily with Admin Console

Quickly and Easily Administer Apttus CPQ

Sales can’t sell products that aren’t in your system. So getting products set-up and ready to go is paramount. Admin Console lets you set-up and manage products and related activities such as options, attributes, and categories quickly and easily. Easily create constraint and product attribute rules via a drag & drop interface. Equally easy is making updates for fast on-going maintenance of product catalogs. Admins can quickly create and associate product groups to products, and review and update relevant product group information, such as general details, associated products, and associated rules. The Admin console supports the creation and management of Attribute Value Matrices for enhanced product management. Additionally, users can edit large matrices within a simple user interface, instead of having to use mass edit/data loader tools. Admin Console enables users to clone products that have unique, required fields by allowing them to input this information prior to finalizing the product clone.

Complex product pricing is efficiently managed in Admin Console as well. Functionality includes creating and maintaining Price Lists and Price List items for standard pricing, related pricing, attribute pricing, usage-based pricing, and more complex use cases. Advanced pricing functionality, such as quantity management, charge-type criteria, bundle specific pricing, and selling term management is also managed in Admin Console. The Admin Console also supports numeric expressions with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows Admins to quickly and efficiently create expressions.

Price Management