Apttus CPQ Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPQ Application Suites 2018

Boost Selling with CPQ Software with Artificial Intelligence

Innovative sales leaders have reinvented the selling experience for their teams by applying artificial intelligence to sales processes. With Apttus Intelligent CPQ software, leading enterprises are gaining improvements in new leads, cross-sells/up-sells, and sales cycle times by a factor of five or more. These sales leaders are streamlining their global organizations’ practices, and increasing sales effectiveness, margins and revenue. Read the Harvard Business Review study on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on revenue generation and Quote-to-Cash.

The Benefits of a CPQ System

Mobile CPQ with Max AI

Meet Max

Conversational User Experiences That Complement How We Work

Max is artificial intelligence for the middle office that enables users to interact with our CPQ software via a conversational user interface, such as with text or speech. Max complements how buyers and sellers work in today’s social, mobile, virtual world. Max can orchestrate many aspects of the CPQ process and can be accessed through established channels such as Skype, Slack, and SMS. Whether it’s guiding your sales teams to construct optimized offers, empowering your channel partners to reorder product via self-service or helping your customers to select products and services via your E-Commerce website, Max delivers the assistance, coaching and prescriptive intelligence necessary to prompt buyers and sellers to take actions that will create the outcomes desired by your enterprise.

Actionable Insights in Context at the Moment of Maximum Revenue Impact

Our intelligent CPQ software with artificial intelligence provides actionable insights to your business. For example, Max can analyze every element of a quote and compare it to the quotes of your company’s top reps and deals. The results are data-driven insights for all your reps that increase average deal sizes and win rates. Max can also compare many customers and find patterns that connect them based on the products they own. The results are data-driven product recommendations that make sense for the customer so they are more likely to buy. Max can also recommend the optimal price or discount level for each deal ending rogue discounting, improving average order sizes and increasing close rates. These are just a few examples of what our Apttus Intelligent CPQ software can do with Max, artificial intelligence for your sellers.

Inelligent CPQ

Drive Optimal Revenue Generating Behaviors Across All Your Sales Channels

We combine our Intelligent CPQ software with our Incentives software to align and drive revenue-winning behaviors. By leveraging Apttus Incentives, businesses can modify the behaviors of buyers and sellers by enticing customers with promotions, incenting partners with rebates and aligning compensation plans with the goals of the enterprise. Apttus Intelligent CPQ software integrates these behavior modification tools into the sales process to maximize deal size and eliminate rogue discounting. For example, with our real-time incentive estimator, your reps will see how their possible deal adjustments impact their own compensation. The challenge to achieving behavioral influence is identifying the compelling information and presenting it at the moment in the decision making process when it will have the greatest desired effect. With our Intelligent CPQ software, you’ll deliver this information at scale, across all your sales channels to influence the choices and behaviors of your reps, partners and even customers to drive optimal revenue generating behaviors.

Execute a Modern Omni-Channel Customer Strategy

Customers today have high expectations. They don’t make a distinction between working with your in-house reps or partner sellers or interacting with your E-Commerce website for self-service. Your brand needs to offer the same quality experience at every touch-point, in every market. Deploying separate CPQ software for each channel is not a valid solution. With Apttus Intelligent CPQ, the same CPQ software serving your reps will also govern your partner channels and your E-Commerce website, without causing confusion or compromising any sensitive information. Only Apttus CPQ software empowers your buyers and sellers to collaborate across multiple channels.


Configure Solutions Aligned to Customer Needs

World-class salespeople consistently and effectively articulate a solution that is aligned to the customer’s needs. This means evolving from selling individual products to selling solutions.  At the same time new go-to-market strategies like XaaS (anything as service) complicate pricing options and introduce the need to add, change, swap and renew subscription based orders for all types of products and services. By leveraging the Guided Selling capabilities of Apttus Intelligent CPQ software, buyers and sellers can quickly select the right combination of products and services and configure them to meet their specific needs.  Only Apttus Intelligent CPQ empowers you with the control to configure and price optimized solutions.

Maximize Revenue Outcomes with Apttus Intelligent CPQ Software

You can see the impact of Apttus CPQ in the real customer outcomes reported by Apttus CPQ customers.

Hear how global information services company Wolters Kluwer achieved a 20% decrease in returns, a 20% increase in opt-in for auto renewals and a 43% increase in sales compliance with Apttus Intelligent CPQ software.  Learn how multinational mass media and information firm Thomson Reuters achieved 70% fewer held orders, 55% fewer exceptions and a 3x increase in its Net Promoter Score with Apttus Intelligent CPQ software. Read how semiconductor foundry GLOBALFOUNDRIES achieved a 419% ROI with Apttus Intelligent CPQ software.

Sales Effectiveness
Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Apttus Customers.

Source: Apttus Quote-to-Cash (QTC) Impact Study conducted June 2017 by an independent third-party, Satmetrix on 200+ Apttus customer contacts randomly selected. Performance metrics are intended as a guideline based upon historical results from a sample set of customers. Results are dependent upon many different factors that are customer-specific. Therefore, actual results will vary. Response size per question varies.


Accelerate Business Growth with Connected Quotes and Contracts

A common mistake enterprises make is to consider a sent proposal the end of the quoting process. Your sales cycle doesn’t stop there. Quoting continues until your finalized quotes turn into contracts—or in some cases, completed orders. What’s the value of having an accurate, speedy quoting process if you run into bottlenecks when it’s time to send out the contract? It’s nearly impossible to maintain data quality if you have to copy all of the quote information manually into a new system when it’s time to close the deal or complete an order form.  If it takes weeks to negotiate terms and conditions and get a signed contract, you’ve limited the advantages of an intelligent CPQ solution. With Apttus Intelligent Contract Management, your quotes will flow seamlessly into contracts, so you can close deals and get them on the books as fast as possible.

Achieve Strategic Outcomes with an End-to-End Quote-to-Cash Process on a Single Platform

Your customers expect you to use information from the pre-sales phase in the contracting, invoicing and renewal phases. Seeing errors or requests for the same information frustrates them – and creates questions in their minds about you. To win and keep a customer’s business, you need to make the quoting and contract processes as fluid, simple, and appealing as possible. With Apttus Intelligent CPQ and Apttus Intelligent Contract Management, you’ll have a single data model across quoting and contracting processes so you can achieve the strategic outcomes your enterprise desires such as increased revenue growth and a seamless customer experience. But don’t stop there. Complete the Quote-to-Cash process with Apttus Revenue Management and Renewals Management. With an end-to-end Quote-to-Cash process you’ll connect previously disjointed departments and systems and institutionalize best practices and workflows. This will reduce your Quote-to-Cash cycle time, speed your time to new product introductions, and increase the speed with which you’ll respond to market conditions. This is Apttus Intelligent Quote-to-Cash.

Creating an NDA with Max

Apttus Footprint

Built for Enterprise Requirements

With Apttus Intelligent CPQ, companies of all sizes can utilize the most advanced and innovative CPQ software available anywhere to drive higher revenue no matter what front office CRM or back office ERP software they would like to use. Our CPQ software is built for enterprise requirements and integrates with leading CRM software, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and ERP software, including Workday, SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite, enabling our customers to choose the application vendors that best meet their needs while still taking advantage of the benefits of Apttus Omni: Intelligent Middle Office Platform™.

Apttus Omni is a seamless and comprehensive, purpose-built middle office platform designed to automate and optimize an enterprises most critical revenue and commercial relationship management processes. It includes a set of integrated applications to drive commercial excellence across Quote-to-Cash, Enterprise Contract Management, Digital Commerce and Supplier Relationship Management. Apttus enhances each solution with applied artificial intelligence known as Max. Apttus Omni is modular providing a path for broader adoption of the platform over time and enabling enterprises to leverage the best functionality available across cloud infrastructures including Salesforce’s Force.com, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

Easily Administer Apttus CPQ with Admin Console

The Apttus CPQ Admin Console allows admin’s to quickly and easily manage products, rules, and advanced pricing from one page with clicks, not code. Personalize user interfaces to make Apttus CPQ easy and intuitive, or connect to Apttus’ unique X-Author technology so teams can work in Excel and CRM at the same time. Manage even enterprise-class product catalogs and pricing easily.


Customer Success Comes Easy With Apttus Intelligent CPQ

When you partner with Apttus, you become a member of the world’s largest community of CPQ leaders, achievers and motivators. Get the most from Apttus by engaging with our online community, taking our training, getting certified, and joining over 3,000 experts from Sales, Finance, Legal, Procurement and IT at our annual user conference, Apttus Accelerate.

What is CPQ?

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software guides sales teams to construct and optimize offers.  CPQ allows users to select the best mix of products and services from a universal catalog, and then configure solutions, execute pricing models, and generate the optimal quote to transact business.

“Our partnership with Apttus enabled us to launch an innovative engineering application that reduces the cycle time of configuring custom processes from days to minutes, improving our responsiveness to customer inquiries and reducing manual mistakes.”
King Ou, Director of Systems and Solutions, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Solutions for Industries

Financial Services
Life Sciences
High Tech

Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_SalesSuper-charge Your Sales

Quote-to-Cash makes it easy for the entire organization to collaborate around revenue cycles, while putting the customer relationship front-and-center. Eliminate all bottlenecks and barriers to closed deals with up-to-date product and pricing information, and automated quoting, contracting, orders and renewals. View all your data in one place to get actionable insight into revenue risks and drivers, and forge a clearer path to quota.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-sales-operationsSmooth the Path to Win More Deals

Sales Operations teams often struggle to provide the infrastructure that keeps sales reps selling and decision-makers informed. Apttus automates the entire sales process in one system so you can get a 360 degree view of pipeline, and make the right moves to ensure Sales provides products and pricing that fits customers’ needs. Make internal approvals frictionless and deliver 100% accurate quotes before the competition to drive close rates and revenue.

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Persona_CLM_ITStreamline Business Operations on One Platform

Lower your total cost of ownership and increase the stickiness of your CRM by bringing more departments onto the platform and streamlining processes across Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Legal. Clicks-not-code administration makes Apttus easy to maintain, the secure and familiar cloud business platform drives productivity and adoption.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-financeBetter Visibility for Better Financial Strategy

Get the inputs you need to improve performance across your entire organization. With full visibility into product data, pricing, quotes, and contracts, your teams can forecast and report more accurately, while making better informed decisions about the discounts, rebates, and non-standard contract terms that can impact revenue and margins.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-legalMake Compliance a Differentiator

By managing contracts in the context of Quote-to-Cash, Legal can bring visibility and control to the contract process without sacrificing speed and agility. Centralize all your contracts in the world’s most secure cloud platform, and make Legal a strategic player in closing deals and growing revenue.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-marketingCreate 1-1 Relationships and Brand Consistency

Modern marketing is a data-driven exercise. A connected Quote-to-Cash process helps you connect the dots between promotions, sales funnels, and revenue, while ensuring consistent and strategic positioning, pricing and messaging for all your products across all channels.

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Apttus Customer Success

Global Foundries
Wolters Kluwer

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