X-Author for Contracts

Work in Microsoft Word. Ensure Compliance in CRM.

Apttus X-Author gives Legal teams the best of both worlds—the familiarity of Microsoft Word, and the enterprise performance of the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™.

Apttus X-Author enables Legal to execute an entire contract lifecycle inside Microsoft Word while complying with approval workflows and pulling the latest terms and clauses from your legal playbook.

With Apttus X-Author, Legal can improve contract visibility, control and accountability, while working inside a system they already know and like.

Key Capabilities

  • Increase Visibility and Control:
    Check-in, check-out, versioning, redlining, comparison and advanced reconciliation
  • Contract Template Creation
  • Centrally Controlled Contract Library:
    Easily access pre-approved clause library, contract templates and business terms
  • Word Based Processes:
    Execute contract processes and approvals all from Microsoft Word
  • One Click Third-Party Paper Import
  • Offline Capability
  • CRM Compatible:
    Merge data from opportunities, accounts and any other objects into contracts
  • Non-Standard Alerts:
    Get notified when non-standard language or terms are used
  • Audit Trails:
    Follow changes and actions
  • Conditional Fields and Table Rows


  • Quick System Adoption:
    Reduce training time for attorneys and others
  • Smoother Cycle:
    Quickly create, negotiate, version, and approve contracts
  • Vastly Reduced Risk:
    Limit inaccurate contract data or non-standard language
  • Word Based Processes:
    Perform all contract creation, negotiation and versioning entirely in Word
  • Chatter Collaboration Feed:
    Get quick access to contracts with instant sharing capabilities