Contract Wizard

Quickly Generate Standard Agreements

A manual, error-prone contract process can push revenue into the next quarter—but with Apttus Contract Wizard, creating contracts is fast, easy and risk-free.

With Apttus, Legal can create agreements in minutes using an intuitive wizard that automatically pulls in CRM data—like customer information, product and pricing rules, promotional information, and your most up-to-date terms and conditions—to standard contract templates. The result is a standardized, scalable, and user-friendly contract process that provides the speed and accuracy you need to close deals fast.

Streamline Contract Creation Across The Organization With Apttus

Because many different groups in your organization need contracts, Apttus offers flexible options for contract creation. Apttus X-Author enables Legal to create contracts inside Microsoft Word, with full access to the data, business rules, and workflows stored inside Salesforce. Legal can also even collaborate during contract creation with collaboration tools inside Microsoft Word.

To eliminate the bottleneck for simple or standard agreements, approved sales, partner or customer users can request and generate the documents they need with user-friendly, role-based Self-Service-Portals.

Key Capabilities

  • Real-Time Contract Generation:
    Simple access and rapid creation
  • One-Click Contract Creation:
    Create instantly with completely accurate information
  • Notification Engine:
    Allow anyone to be notified of the request
  • Automatic and Dynamic Storage:
    Store directly into the repository
  • No Scanning:
    Fax signed agreement or any document directly into the repository, allowing complete document capture