Buy-Side Contract Management

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What is Buy-Side Contract Management?

Apttus Contract Management for buy-side contracts empowers procurement professionals to take control of their supplier management processes. Apttus is the #1 contract management solution for buy-side contract management to automate and streamline the entire contract lifecycle.

The Benefits of Buy-Side Contract Management

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Track Compliance to Reduce Supplier Spending

Enjoy a fully end-to-end, global, and mobile buy-side contract management solution that integrates with your preferred financial and e-procurement systems as well as Apttus Source-to-Pay. With full visibility into your supplier agreements and your goals, you’re empowered to increase contract efficiency, visibility, and performance, while ensuring traceability, transparency and compliance throughout the entire contract lifecycle.

Control Your Complete Procurement Process

With Apttus, you can streamline the entire buy-side contract process—from contract request, through authoring and negotiation, execution, e-Signature, and obligations management. Apttus buy-side contract management supports all contract types and tracks every clause, revision, parent-child relationship, approval, and all associated documents. Conditional contract assembly and highly configurable workflows and alerts give you unprecedented control of your purchasing contracts.

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Enhance Legal Productivity with Buy-Side Contract Management

Your legal team can enjoy pre-approved clause libraries and contract templates accessible from Microsoft Word using X-Author for Contracts. Legal can execute the entire procurement contract lifecycle from Microsoft Word while complying with all approval workflows. Legal gets the best of both worlds—the familiarity of Microsoft Word paired with the enterprise performance of the Apttus Contract Management.

Gain Efficiency with Self-Service Contracts

Deploy intuitive contract wizards that allow your potential suppliers to generate well-formed contracts without time-consuming involvement from legal and procurement professionals. Self-service capabilities can be created simply using point-and-click, and support any workflow or contract type—so you can keep the control you need while offering suppliers the fastest and most accurate onboarding experience.

Contract Request Wizards

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Achieve Insight and Agility

The unparalleled capability of Apttus buy-side contract management includes unmatched reporting and KPIs, so you can gain total insight into vendor obligations and performance. Use this visibility to reduce spend, correct performance issues, demonstrate compliance with GDPR and other regulations, and improve your top line. With Apttus, you’re in control of your vendor relationships and regulatory requirements in every region.

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Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_ProcurementTake Control Of Your Spend

Get more insight into spend and compliance for all your vendors. Increase supplier contract efficiency, visibility and performance, while ensuring traceability, transparency and compliance throughout the entire contract lifecycle, and standardize the process for routine contracts so you can focus on the exceptions.

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Persona_CLM_FinanceDrive Margins and Compliance

Poor contract controls impact margins by causing you to spend more on the things you need—and spend more time on purchasing activities. Get full visibility into every agreement, complete control of all negotiations, and ability to assess all risks and performance measures.

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Persona_CLM_LegalSave Time for Strategic Contracts

Centralize all your contracts and standardize your key contract language and processes, so you can get out of the weeds and focus on the activities that require your expertise. With Apttus, you’re a strategic player in the organization, driving down contract cycle times and exceptions and driving up compliance and cost savings.

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Persona_CLM_ITBuild the Tools Your Team Needs, Simply

Apttus supports your need for business transformation within your existing architecture. With Apttus Omni, most customization is performed using point-and-click controls, every process is native to your trusted CRM platforms, and all data is synced easily to existing procurement and ERP systems.

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