Advanced Document Generation

Create Documents Right from Salesforce1

Apttus provides seamless integration between Word and Salesforce1, which allows for documents to essentially become the user interface for Salesforce1. Users can simply stay in their Word document and interact with Salesforce1 rules and fields as if the user were inside Salesforce1. Users can also generate documents from objects in Salesforce1. Apttus customers are already using Advanced Document Generation for offer letters, contracts, supporting documents, purchase orders, customer notifications, renewal notices, compliance, government documents and more.

Key Capabilities for Document Generation

  • Conditional Document Assembly: Based on conditions for a Salesforce1 object, different content fragments can be assembled to create a document. Content fragments can be dynamically pulled into a document based on a content library inside sales, including re-usable clauses, RFP content, customer content, notifications, supporting documents and more
  • Change Management: Changes in sentences, sections and other revisions can be saved in Salesforce1. Invoke approvals, contribute to reports or perform other actions inside Salesforce1.
  • Automatic Synchronization: Saving a document pushes the document directly into Salesforce.
  • Salesforce1 Actions: Any Salesforce action, including approvals, task updates, reports and dashboards, can be invoked from an action from within the Word document
  • Wizards: Users can leverage a wizard to dynamically generate documents based on rules inside Salesforce1