3 Headaches Solved by Syncing Excel and Salesforce

What You’ll Get with 3 Headaches Solved by Syncing Excel and Salesforce

Have you ever wished upon a star that you could manipulate your opportunity data in Excel and have it magically sync with Salesforce? Good news: X-Author for Excel, the new app from Apttus, answers your wish by turning Excel into a real-time user interface for Salesforce so you can manage, update, and share data faster.

In the latest App Mavericks Web chat, I took a video call with Jules Ehrlich, VP and GM at Apttus to learn about X-Author for Excel, which provides the ability for users to work in Microsoft Excel but connects straight into Salesforce. It follows your business logic, routes the data within Salesforce to the right reports, and allows users to consolidate data from lots of spreadsheets into their CRM. I learned some great info about how X-Author for Excel works.