Sales Exec Success Series

Video series helping sales execs rethink the entire scope of selling

What You’ll Get with the Sales Exec Success Track

Sellers today have to be knowledgeable about more products, more solutions, and more industries than ever before all while coordinating with an expanding set of internal stakeholders, complying with regulatory requirements, and mastering a myriad of technology. This sales exec success series will explore strategies, processes and technologies to help sales execs rethink the entire scope of selling to empower sellers to succeed.

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Achieving Sales Transformation and Delivering Overwhelming Benefit

Speaker: Greg Mclaughlin, VP, Global Sales Operations, Getty Images

The Science of Sales Transformation: Five Proven Steps You Must Take To Win

Speaker: Ken Krogue, Founder & President,

Why Omni-Channel Should Be a Sales Leader’s New Best Friend

Speaker: Louis Columbus, Enterprise Software Strategies, Forbes

Are You Providing Account-Level Service from the Beginning? You Should!

Speaker: Matt Amundson, VP of Sales Development & Field Marketing, Everstring

Transforming Hearts, Minds and Wallets: The Keys to Sales Success

Speaker: Amy Slater, Founder & Author, Amy Slater Consulting

It’s 2017. Why Are You Still Selling Like it’s 1986?

Speaker: Brion Schweers, GM CPQ, Apttus

Win More Sales: CRM for the Quota-Busting Sales Executive

Speaker: Vince Bryden, CRM Black Belt, Microsoft

Inspire to Transform your Business with Apttus

Speaker: Tom Banton, Director of Business Transformation, Apttus

Speed up Your Deal and Optimize your Forecast with Integrated CPQ and Contract Management

Speaker: Michelle Asselin, Director of Deal & Contract Management, Rogers Communication

Why Conventional Sales Tactics Kill Deals (and the Modern Sales Motion that Wins)

Speaker: Steve Sanders, Enterprise Sales Leader, LinkedIn