Predict and Prepare for Sales Leaders

Featuring Mark Lewis of Gartner


Mark Lewis

Senior Director at Gartner

Securing and sustaining excellence in selling is hard under most normal circumstances. Meanwhile new developments and innovations are disrupting conventional ways of doing business, presenting additional headwinds to enterprises. As part of the Predict and Prepare series for helping business and technology leaders capitalize on unfolding technology trends, Apttus is featuring Mark Lewis of Gartner in the webinar on Predict and Prepare for Sales Leaders.

Mark Lewis is a Senior Director at Gartner, responsible for research on Configure Price Quote (CPQ), price optimization and other innovative sales technologies. Mark is a seasoned veteran of the software industry, having held product management positions in bellwether enterprises like Siebel and Oracle.

In this program, Mark Lewis will explain and analyze key developments that will impact sales technologies in 2019 and beyond, especially for business-to-business commercial relations (B2B selling). Key topics include: The significance of Quote-to-Cash; the increasing focus on selling subscriptions; artificial intelligence (AI) for sales; and the growing importance of Digital Commerce as a sales channel.

In this session, attendees will learn about:


The increasing importance of Quote-to-Cash in improving sales results within enterprises


The shift in corporate focus towards selling subscriptions


The value of artificial intelligence in modernizing pricing and selling practices


The ability of Digital Commerce to manage transactions of increasing complexity and higher dollar value

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