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Contract Management Solutions to Expedite Clinical Research
Don’t Let Contract Negotiations and Regulatory Compliance Delay Trials
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Conga Solutions Reduce Timelines and Cost

Clinical research and trials are critical to public health, but they can take years. A more efficient approach saves lives, and never has that fact been more apparent than during COVID-19. The world needs a vaccine in months—not years. We must be ready to accelerate the clinical trial process in all cases.

The Conga solution for clinical research contracting drastically reduces budgeting, contracting timelines, complexities, and costs while ensuring regulatory compliance. This means you can focus on drug development and bringing you life saving drugs, vaccines, and therapies to market, and nothing else.

Conga’s contract management solution is packaged with an accelerator with ready-to-use industry capabilities, built natively on the platform with broader QTC capabilities, and incorporates industry best practices from across the value chain.

Our Solution Delivers

Eliminate inefficiencies and reduce contract cycle times by up to 80%

  1. Deliver legal and regulatory compliance and transparency reporting requirements
  2. Ensure on-time trial execution through proactive tracking of milestones and obligations
  3. Reduce cost overruns through proactive monitoring of budget consumption at site, country and global levels
  4. Improve collaboration across sponsors, CROs, sites, and other vendors
  5. Gain centralized visibility to contracts, obligations, and milestones across the global enterprise
  6. Simplify and speed up vendor management
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