Configure Price Quote Buyer’s Guide

What You’ll Get with the Configure Price Quote Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right Configure Price Quote tool is now easier than ever with the Apttus CPQ Buyer’s Kit. It has everything you need to need to help convince key internal decision makers and select the best configure price quote solution for your organization. The full kit includes a sample RFP, customer case studies, demos, reference questions and more.

Download the CPQ Buyer’s Kit to Receive:


Ultimate Guide to CPQ

Learn how CPQ transforms your business by making sales stronger across all your channels.

CPQ Impact Study

See the impact metrics of Configure Price Quote reported by 150 executives.

Configure Price Quote RFP

A sample template with key CPQ functionality and features to consider.

Customer Case Studies

See how Apttus is solving complex business problems with real-world success stories.

Nucleus CPQ ROI Case Study

Nuclues research conducted an ROI Study on Apttus CPQ customer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

CPQ Data Sheet

See all the details of what’s included in the Apttus Configure Price Quote tool.

Reference Call Questions

Questions you should consider asking when speaking to a CPQ vendor customer reference.

Contract Management Software

CPQ Demos

View on-demand demos on how to transform your quoting process with Apttus.

Forrester Wave Report: CPQ

A complementary copy of the Forrester Wave Report for CPQ (a $2495 value).

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