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ASC606/IFRS15 White Paper

Reinventing Revenue Recognition

In today’s economy, consumers buy goods and services in new ways, beyond a simple one-time transaction. These consumer preferences have made their way into the workplace, forcing B2B enterprises to add new subscription and service options. ASC 606 prescribes the method to recognize revenue from these ongoing relationships with customers. The Reinventing Revenue Recognition white paper helps enterprises identify the obligations, determine the transaction price, and allocate the transaction value to the performance obligations.

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What You’ll Get with the Reinventing Revenue Recognition – ASC606/IFRS15 White Paper

  1. What’s changing with ASC 606/IFRS 15 and why.
  2. The impact on Sales, Finance, and Legal teams.
  3. How Apttus Intelligent Quote-to-Cash solves compliance and automates across Contracts, Orders, Incentive Compensation Management and Revenue Recognition.