Apttus & PwC: Libor Transition and market challenges in APAC

Tuesday July 7, 2020 at 11:00 IST | 15:30 AEST | 14:30 JST

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Financial institutions are facing enormous challenges while preparing for LIBOR transitioning to the alternative benchmark rates. The current global pandemic is adding to the market risk and challenges that the firms are facing in order to transition to Risk-Free Rates (RFRs) by December 2021.

Preparing to Facilitate LIBOR Transition

Market participants are seen diverting their focus and resources to mitigate risks and maintain their business. Considering the looming 2021 deadlines, while the market participants and various industry bodies, working groups are preparing to facilitate LIBOR transition, many organizations are still struggling to assess the complete impact it will have and how should they prepare to approach smooth transitioning..

Key discussion points during the webinar:

  1. Learning on major LIBOR developments in 2020 and the impact of COVID on market development
  2. Challenges faced in the major APAC markets such as Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore
  3. Learning of economic and operational risk associated with the LIBOR transition and how this can be mitigated through technology
  4. Key considerations before developing a comprehensive plan to support the transition away from LIBOR


Sergey Volkov
Sergey is a partner in PwC’s Financial Services practice in Japan and co-leads PwC’s LIBOR and Reference Rate Reform initiative across APAC.

Sergey also leads several Global LIBOR Remediation Projects in Japan for large global banks, both based in Japan and foreign GSIBs operating in Japan.

Juan Crosby
Juan is head of Technology & Sourcing practice at PwC based out of London. Juan has over ten years’ experience advising on major technology and business process outsourcings and sourcing strategies, including long term, high value strategic ICT sourcing arrangements.

Sandeep Agarwal
Sandeep is an Executive Director and leads the contract management services for PwC in India.Sandeep helps his clients in bringing efficiency in functioning of their law department.

Sukki Sandhar
Sukhvinder is a London-based technology executive with extensive sales experience in many verticals including; global telecom, energy and financial services. Leading and coaching International presales teams in Business Development, Technical Presales and Industry Marketing. 


We realize that you may not be able to attend at the time scheduled, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the information shared during the discussion! After the session, we will make the playback available on demand. However, we do encourage that you submit your questions and comments ahead of time using the registration form so we can address them live.


Sergey Volkov
PWC Partner,

Financial Services

Juan Crosby
PWC Partner, Technology and Sourcing Practise,


Sandeep Agrawal
Executive Director,

PWC India

Sukki Sandhar 
Vice President
Sales Engineering, Apttus