May 29, 2015 by Apttus Corp

Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, announced today the official launch of its X-Author for Excel Partner Program. Program participants will gain financially from distributing Apttus X-Author for Excel products, delivering associated services, and through subscription licenses for the X-Author for Excel applications they create. The program will also provide organizations of all sizes and verticals access to the X-Author Marketplace, where they can list and sell their own X-Author apps and gain access to Apttus support and services, along with licensing that allows partners to distribute Apttus X-Author for Excel products directly to their clients. This new process will not only create additional revenue streams, but will also allow partnering organizations to diversify their offerings to new and existing clients.

X-Author for Excel transforms Microsoft Excel from a standalone desktop tool into a UI for Salesforce and increases Salesforce productivity across all industry verticals and functions. Implementation of X-Author for Excel integrates the collaboration, controls, permissions, and routing of Salesforce with the well-known and easy-to-use user experience of Excel. X-Author for Excel’s out-of-the-box functionality allows organizations to use Microsoft Excel to migrate data across orgs, data load multiple objects simultaneously, allows users to update multiple records in Salesforce, create a variety of custom applications, and utilize excel to create custom formulas in Salesforce.

The X-Author for Excel Partner Program allows participants to bring this innovative solution directly to their user base. Additional benefits of participation in the Apttus X-Author for Excel Partner Program include:

  • Significant financial incentives in the form of distribution revenue, consulting fees, and the selling of shrink-wrapped X-Author for Excel apps that incorporate partners domain expertise
  • Referrals for new X-Author for Excel service opportunities
  • An option for ISVs to bundle X-Author for Excel with their existing Salesforce offerings
  • Access to the Apttus X-Author team’s expertise, training and marketing assets

“Statera is very excited to join the Apttus X-Author for Excel partner program. The game changing capabilities of X-Author for Excel provide a powerful solution to unify Salesforce, Apttus solutions, and Microsoft Excel,” said Brad Weydert, president at Statera. “Statera’s Professional Services Team is leveraging this solution for more efficient data migration and deployment activities, validated and quick mass record updates, and complex computational inputs within the context of a deal – all without heavy IT involvement or custom development.”

“X-Author’s value for end users and administrators speaks for itself, both empowering sales processes and tying them to the versatility of the Salesforce platform,” said Boaz Meridor, chief executive officer at ManofIT. “We’re excited to be a foundational member of its associated Partner Program, bringing speed, efficiency, and utility to our entire customer base.”

“Launching a Partner Program for X-Author for Excel extends the benefits that X-Author for Excel provides to a broader audience,” said Jules Ehrlich, vice president and general manager of advanced solutions at Apttus. “Partners can now help their customers achieve far higher returns both through significant increases in user productivity and by opening up the Salesforce platform to a new set of use cases. Every organization can benefit tremendously from providing such an effective tool to their end users.”