September 24, 2019 by Barry T. Smith

Middle Office Quote-to-Cash Leader Removes Performance Tradeoffs for Complex Product Quoting, Eases Multi-Agreement And Multi-Reviewer Management, Boosts AI for Smarter Sales Execution

SAN MATEO, Calif. – September 24, 2019 – Apttus, the global Middle Office leader, today announced updates to some of the most prominent, differentiable features of its industry-leading Quote-to-Cash and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, overcoming traditional enterprise challenges related to quoting complexity, contract cycle time, and risk management in the digital economy.

The updates, which are being showcased at the company’s Reimagine customer event in San Diego, CA, advance key functional and artificial intelligence-based capabilities of Apttus’ Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. The two solutions are key cornerstones of the company’s Middle Office Quote-to-Cash portfolio, helping enterprises automate, optimize, and apply AI to their most critical business processes – revenue generation and management of commercial relationships.

Apttus CPQ’s SmartCart Spares Customers From Complexity-Scale Tradeoff
Apttus CPQ automates historically inefficient, disjointed selling functions like product configuration, pricing, and quoting as one seamless process on one single data model. The highlight of Apttus’ latest CPQ release involves SmartCart, a feature that provides greater quoting flexibility for sales reps while avoiding challenges from increased complexity in how companies go to market. With SmartCart, sales reps can dramatically accelerate complex quote generation from days or hours down to minutes, overcoming traditional tradeoffs between the volume of lines and limitations of processing scalability.

  • Location-based Quotes: Provides flexibility to map to how customers want to buy from companies.
  • Intellisplit: Removes guesswork on how to break down complex quotes in a manageable format.\
  • SNAP Performance: Enables sales reps to spend more time building relationships with customers instead of waiting for quotes to be completed – including scaling up to quotes of 10,000 line items.

“Our customers are looking for flexibility and agility in their solutions to gain an advantage over their competitors,” said Apttus Senior Vice President of Product Eric Carrasquilla. “SmartCart allows sales reps to address the way their customers want to buy, and they can do it at scale with incredible performance.”

Apttus Evolves Collaborative Nature of Contract Lifecycle Management
Today’s updates drive toward more intelligent, collaborative contract management across legal teams. Today’s CLM updates are especially beneficial for legal teams that oversee countless agreements and wade through dense contract libraries to find information supporting revenue opportunities, reduce contract cycles, and manage risk.

  • Parallel Review: Cuts review times in half compared to traditional serial review processes, providing updates to agreements concurrently while reconciling redlines, updates, and other changes from multiple reviewers.
  • In-Document View: Provides an updated, user-friendly format that lets users work in an actual document instead of having to back and forth between an agreement and the application.
  • Progress Dashboards: Shows real-time view into the progress of different streams, allowing teams to identify areas needing faster execution or support.

“Extended time to execute and lack of visibility are the top challenges our customers raise to us when we first meet,” Carrasquilla said. “Apttus CLM eliminates the need for contract owners to chaperone the redlining process by turning a time-consuming serial review into a collaborative one. We are putting the power of contract discovery and lifecycle management into the hands of our customers so they can support their business operations at the pace required in today’s service-based, SLA-driven digital economy.”

Apttus Increases Sophistication of AI for Greater CPQ, CLM Value
Apttus is progressing the conversational sophistication of its award-winning AI solution, MAX, which is a virtual assistant that helps sales and legal teams execute important tasks with Apttus CPQ and CLM.

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Advanced, intelligent understanding of what users actually imply beyond what they literally say, avoiding awkward, inaccurate, or misguided response to verbal commands.
  • “Out-of-the-Box” Conversation Libraries: Prebuilt collection of common conversations for sales and legal users help accelerate task execution, such as providing budgetary quotes and sending policy-adhering NDAs on the spot when interacting with customers.
  • Where Collaboration Happens: Seamlessly embedded with common collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce1 Mobile.


About Apttus
Apttus is a Silicon Valley-based global provider of a Middle Office platform that allows enterprises to automate and optimize their most critical revenue and commercial relationship management processes. Apttus is powered by the most advanced technologies from Salesforce, Microsoft and IBM. Analysts rank Apttus as the global gold standard for Quote-to-Cash (QTC) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions. Apttus partners with a world-class ecosystem. Apttus customers include hundreds of the world’s mid-sized organizations and the who’s who of the Global 1000.

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