September 14, 2015 by Alex Cohen

Wave Analytics is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device

Apttus today announced the pilot of Quote-to-Cash Intelligence, a suite of apps powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform, allowing business users to uncover the often hidden behaviors that lead to success, and identify the most likely path to revenue across every customer type from any device.

Quote-to-Cash Intelligence works in conjunction with Apttus and Salesforce CRM, providing users with accessible and useful recommended actions for every aspect of the sales and revenue cycle. QTCI not only provides analysis of existing processes, but also incorporates automated (or suggested) actions to increase efficiency and savings. By combining the power of Wave Analytics with the utility of QTCI, customers now have access to a suite of predictive intelligence tools that can propel their business insights.

Apttus QTCI includes:

  • Approvals Intelligence: gain insight into discount approval history with Apttus and Wave Analytics. Today, the sales cycle is faster and more on-the-go than ever before. However, making informed, analytics-based decisions away from the desk hasn’t always been possible for many organizations. Built on the Wave Analytics Platform, and combining Apttus’ best-in-breed Line Item Approvals and Workflow with data-driven decision support, Approvals Intelligence gives decision-makers the power to increase profits, deal velocity, and make the right decision, even directly from their wrist on Apple Watch.
  • Contract Compliance Intelligence: gain insight into customer and contract compliance with Apttus and Wave Analytics Cloud. Manufacturing, high tech, services, and life science businesses depend on effective discounting strategies and customer contracting to drive sales growth. However, when revenue team members lack visibility into customer compliance, those efforts are weakened, and can result in significant losses. Contract Compliance Intelligence provides insight into customer performance against contract obligations based on usage or revenue and recommends practical actions to achieve compliance to revenue objectives.

Additional capabilities of Apttus QTCI include:

  • Dynamic recommendations of products that both current and future customers are most likely to buy, and what upsell/cross-sell products representatives should recommend
  • The optimal sales and ordering configurations for all configurable products
  • Suggested updates to contract terms and conditions, discount types, product bundles, and more based on previous successes and failures
  • Algorithms and KPIs that generate practical and contextual tracking and predictions against customizable goals
  • The ability to monitor the most critical KPIs and take the necessary action from mobile devices
  • Alerts and notifications that ensure the appropriate actions are taken at the best time to move the needle

Comments on the News

“The Wave Analytics Platform brings accessible business analytics to every business user,” said Kamal Ahluwalia, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Apttus. “Quote-to-Cash Intelligence helps you understand what actions impact revenue: Apttus’ complete QTC solutions give us the data and details to offer uniquely valuable insight to the customer. Companies without this capability are simply going to be left behind.”

“The Wave Analytics ?Platform allows every business user to explore and share data, uncover new insights and take action ?instantly ?from anywhere,?” said Stephanie Buscemi, COO, Analytics Cloud, Salesforce. ?”Apttus is among the first ISVs to extend the Wave Platform and deliver analytics apps?, which will enable companies to make every business process and customer interaction more data-driven and move their business forward faster.”

Apttus and Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform Transform Data into Business Insight

Made possible by a combination of machine-driven actions, alerts, and a dynamic recommendation engine, Quote-to-Cash Intelligence incorporates the new capabilities of Wave Analytics to allow decision makers to take relevant, informed actions across the enterprise.

Come See Quote-to-Cash Intelligence in Action this Week at Dreamforce 2015, the Largest Software Conference on Earth

Apttus will showcase the pilot Quote-to-Cash Intelligence app at the 13th annual Dreamforce on September 15-18 in San Francisco. Dreamforce is a global event, with more than 150,000 people from around the world expected to register to attend four high-energy days of innovation, education, fun and giving back. Attendees are invited to experience the power of Quote-to-Cash Intelligence, powered by the Wave Analytics Platform through interactive displays, sessions and demos at Apttus’ booth in the main conference hall. In addition, Quote-to-Cash Intelligence will also be displayed:

  • In the Wave/Analytics Dev Zone
  • Dreamforce Industries Zone
  • Dreamforce Sponsor Hall
  • Dreamforce Vertical Theatre

Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform Extends Power of Analytics for Every Business Need

Wave Analytics​ is​ the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device. Wave Analytics brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a high-speed query processing engine into a single, ​vertically-integrated cloud analytics platform.​ Built from the ground up to be open, Wave Analytics makes it easy to​ build ​and deploy analytics apps faster than ever and extend the power of ​data-driven insights ​to every business need​.​ Its schema-free architecture empowers business users—not just analysts or data scientists—to instantly query entire data sets or build customizable dashboards, lenses and charts to intuitively explore data. Optimized for both mobile phones and tablets, Wave Analytics’ responsive, free-form navigation empowers users to quickly analyze patterns​ and ​discover new trends ​from anywhere. ​And because Wave Analytics is built on Salesforce’s trusted, multi-tenant, open architecture​, Wave analytics apps are deeply connected to business​ processes and workflows​, enabling​ business users to act on insights instantly to keep their business moving forward.

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Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash software company, drives the vital business process between the buyer’s interest in a purchase and the realization of revenue. Apttus is delivered on the Salesforce App Cloud, the world’s most trusted and comprehensive cloud delivery infrastructure. Applications include Quote-to-Cash Intelligence (Analytics), E-Commerce, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Renewals, Contract Management and Revenue Management. Additionally, Apttus’ patent pending X-Author technology enables Microsoft Office to be a user-interface with full interaction and control between Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Apttus is based in San Mateo, California, with additional offices in Atlanta, Bozeman, Chicago, Japan, London, Sydney and Ahmedabad, India. For more information visit: