July 26 by Gene Eun

Apttus Intelligent Cloud is an enterprise-grade Quote-to-Cash solution, delivered on a purpose-built platform, and powered by the best available cloud infrastructure. We built Apttus Intelligent Cloud to run Quote-to-Cash operations for the world’s most sophisticated global enterprises – 100 of the Fortune 500 use Apttus Intelligent Cloud. Let me explain further.

Intelligent Quote-to-Cash

First of all, Apttus Intelligent Cloud powers all of Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash (QTC) solutions, combining modern process-based applications such as Configure Price Quote, Contract Management, E-Commerce and Billing & Order Management with behavioral applications including Rebates, Promotions and Compensation to align and drive revenue winning behaviors across all your sales channels.

Applied Artifical Intelligence

Enterprise business is taking a significant leap forward in the ability to maximize business outcomes using Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) – conversational and cognitive technologies. Leading organizations are accelerating digital transformation through machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants designed to streamline and accelerate revenue generation processes. We’ve enhanced Apttus Intelligent Cloud with a layer of AI that recommends relevant, intelligent actions and provides conversational and intuitive user interfaces to make your sales channels more effective.

Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning to provide data-driven prescriptive insights, intelligence, and recommendations such as what products to offer, and at what price, to increase the deal value and the probability of winning the sale.

Also part of our AI layer is Max, Apttus’ virtual assistant which lets users interact with Apttus QTC applications and CRM applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with a natural conversational experience of talking and texting. Max naturally aligns with how and where your users work, delivering a faster and more effective user experience.

Apttus Intelligent Cloud includes our award winning X-Author solution which increases adoption of QTC and CRM tools across your organization by allowing Microsoft Word and Excel to function as user interfaces, dramatically increasing the speed and efficiency of data input, manipulation and reporting. X-Author improves the adoption of CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 by 34% on average.

Apttus Intelligent Cloud is the only QTC solution with a common platform, workflows, user interface, & collaboration enabling customers to connect every department & every channel to streamline, optimize, accelerate & innovate QTC processes. These unique capabilities are key differentiators that set Apttus Intelligent Cloud apart from any other vendors’ offerings.


Every component of our solution was created from the outset by Apttus, and not as a result of acquisitions or partnerships and subsequently cobbled together as is the case with some marketplace offerings or worse yet, requiring organizations to do the integration of disparate vendor solutions themselves.

This unique differentiator has multiple benefits, and substantially lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers.

Benefits to Apttus Customers:

  1. A truly seamless user experience throughout our QTC solution which leads to shorter learning curves, better user adoption, and improved time to value
  2. Common data model for reporting and analytics
  3. Common workflow and approvals for shorter QTC cycle times
  4. Shorter implementation cycles
  5. Easy IT experience – one solution to negotiate & acquire, no custom integrations to build & support, one set of system developers & admins to hire & train, one support desk to staff, one QTC solution for synchronized upgrades and a single QTC vendor relationship to manage

Because of our unique approach, Apttus customers report substantial average percentage improvements across key business indicators.

Best Available Cloud Infrastructure

Another important aspect of Apttus Intelligent Cloud is that it’s available on the world’s most trusted cloud infrastructure, including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure. Apttus’ ability to innovate is completely unbound. Apttus selects the right infrastructure for the right application. Our architecture is built to ensure the performance and scalability required for global enterprises.


Leveraging leading cloud infrastructure services makes Apttus Intelligent Cloud fast and easy to implement. It allows us to deliver high levels of application performance by enabling a microservice architecture where compute-intensive processes run on environments where capacity automatically scales to efficiently handle peak workloads. This is critical when supporting rapidly growing enterprises with sophisticated business processes, on a global scale. The cloud infrastructure provides redundancy and security that satisfy the requirements of our most demanding enterprise customers.

Works with Any CRM and ERP

Apttus Intelligent Cloud has connectors that fully integrate our QTC applications with the industry’s leading CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Apttus Intelligent Cloud is CRM system-agnostic. For example, we have customers using our Apttus Intelligent Cloud integrated with not only Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, but also SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, and SugarCRM.

Apttus Intelligent Cloud can be integrated with any ERP system such as Oracle or SAP, for example. Or with HR systems like Workday or IT service management solutions like ServiceNow. Another example is our connector to SAP Variant Configuration (VC) which enables seamless integration between Apttus Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and SAP VC, to eliminate gaps, errors and redundancies between your front- and back-end systems. With the Apttus Connector for SAP VC, your sales reps can work in the fast, intuitive interface of Apttus CPQ while your order management and fulfillment teams can get accurate, up-to-date quote and order information.

The flexibility to integrate with any CRM and ERP system is made possible via Apttus’ published REST APIs which are readily consumed by popular middleware/ETL tools and developer toolkits. The ability to integrate with external systems isn’t limited to cloud-based CRM and ERP, it extends to on-premises systems as well.

Want to learn more about the direction of Apttus Intelligent Cloud’s architecture? Download our latest technical whitepaper titled Evolving the Apttus Technical Architecture.

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