“The same process that took us a few weeks in the past, now takes just a couple of days and we all know that time is money.”

– Shari Beaver, CEO at Retail Services Inc.

Founded in 2004

Sales tax is complex, costly … and compulsory. Automating the management process within Apttus saves time, money and effort. AvaTax for Apttus provides the most complete sales tax compliance solution available — from initial calculation to electronic filing and payment.

Automate Tasks for Business of All Sizes

AvaTax automates previously manual tasks and works in real time within Apttus, along with 300+ other accounting, ERP, and ecommerce business platforms — making it compatible with virtually all business systems and an affordable and an attractive option for organizations of all sizes and types. Tens of thousands of companies, including some of world’s most recognized brands, rely on Avalara to process millions of tax transactions daily, file hundreds of thousands of transactional tax returns annually, and manage millions of exemption certificates and other compliance documents.

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