In the world of enterprise business, sales-related activities require informed and constructive data to create an optimal result for buyers and sellers. This means working with the most up-to-date information, the most efficient processes, and the most relevant background knowledge about the potential buyer. As a result, there is a universal need to evaluate business tools with the aim of increasing workforce enablement for company growth.
Did you know that 90% of B2B sellers believe they already know how their customers want to buy from them, but a considerable number of B2B buyers disagree with their assumptions? In a world where customer experience is the top factor driving buying decisions in the digital economy – even more than price –  identifying and understanding the implications of meeting or falling short of customer expectations is critical.

The Apttus Commercial Experience Report (ACE) is a multinational study spotlighting the changing expectations, assumptions, and behaviors of B2B buyers and sellers in the digital economy.


In Chapter 1 of the ACE Report, you’ll learn:


  1. New challenges and opportunities sellers face in the digital economy
  2. How much value B2B buyers place on customer experience and its impact on your revenue
  3. Why the buying experience is just as important for first-time purchasers as it is at any point along their journey as customers
  4. Why automation is lacking in enterprise organizations despite the desire for it to improve selling processes and buying experiences


It’s time to optimize the everyday business practices that move the revenue needle in the right direction. Download Part 1 of the ACE Report today!