Apttus Contract-to-Cash for Pharmaceuticals

Drive Sales Efficiency and Contract Compliance

Revenue Management is a Necessity

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to address revenue leakage in an increasingly competitive and regulated market. Revenue execution and customer retention are hindered by competition, expanding regulations, and cost pressures. Innovative pricing and contracting strategies often result in revenue leakage from contract non-compliance, inaccurate pricing, rebates, and disputes.

The Apttus Solution

Apttus Contract-to-Cash for Pharmaceuticals, helps pharma manufacturers manage contracting, procurement and revenue management processes across channels. Manufacturers can drive full contract compliance, set pricing controls, and efficiently process rebate claims.


Product and Community

  • Easily set up multiple sales and marketing drug catalogs
  • Set wholesale acquisition costs (WAC), incentives, and discounts
  • Manage suppliers, wholesalers, group purchasing organizations (GPO) & integrated delivery networks (IDN) affiliations, and classes of trade (COT)

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Procure to Pay

  • Seamlessly manage tender process, from bid to contract
  • Leverage spend and market share analytics to negotiate more effectively with suppliers
  • Maximize buying power by analyzing bid responses across products and suppliers

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Contract Management for Pharmaceuticals

  • Manage buy-side, sell-side, and clinical trial contracts
  • Fast track price checks and approval workflows
  • Gain end-to-end visibility into revenue, spend, and compliance insights

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Channel Commerce

  • Hospitals, payers, GPOs, and distributors can track contractual obligations, submit third-party sales requests, and view earned incentives through self-service portals
  • Stay compliant with purchase obligations and contracts
  • Eliminate pricing, rebate, and chargeback claim disputes

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Retain and Grow

  • Gain insights into customer, segment & channel performance to drive renewals & amendments
  • Maximize contract profitability and drive full compliance
  • Reduce revenue leakage with automated renewal alerts

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Solutions for the Entire Organization

Manage buy-side, sell-side, and clinical contracts on a single platform

  • Drive operational efficiency across contract request, authoring, negotiation, and execution processes
  • Support sales, procurement, and clinical teams with templates and content libraries for the most complex deals, tenders, and contracts
  • Drive control and consistency by standardizing legal playbooks with common language and optimal terms and conditions
  • Gain visibility into risk and compliance by accessing contract versions, amendments, and approval histories from a single source of truth


Manage supplier relationships and optimize sourcing

  • Streamline the supplier pre-qualification and onboarding process
  • Reduce supplier selection time for complex, multi-supplier, multi-stage tender and RFP processes
  • Optimize supplier spend by leveraging insights to help you negotiate effectively and maximize buying power
  • Drive compliance and gain visibility across your supply chain by automatically tracking, assessing and managing obligations across all suppliers and contracts


Reduce compliance risks and track obligations for clinical trials

  • Standardize preferred terms and clauses to meet regulatory, R&D, and country specific legal requirements
  • Link contract obligations to R&D project milestones
  • Manage risk and drive full compliance with automated obligations tracking and standard legal playbooks
  • Execute trials as planned by reducing bottlenecks across the contract life cycle


Drive contract efficiency and effectiveness

  • Speed up sales cycles and win more business by accelerating contract and approval cycle times
  • Drive contract profitability and reduce revenue leakage by preventing rogue discounting, unfavorable deal terms, and untracked deals
  • Minimize legal risk and sales cycle delays by reducing contract processing errors
  • Enforce contract compliance with customers and eliminate pricing and rebate & chargeback claim disputes