Apttus Quote-to-Cash for Media and Entertainment

Optimize content and order delivery from procurement to invoice

Agility is a Necessity

The Media and Entertainment industry is going through unprecedented transformation. Constantly evolving high fidelity technology keeps enabling new ways to produce, present and consume entertainment that blurs the lines between producers and consumers. Traditional sales and delivery chains are being stressed as advertising companies, broadcasters, publishers and research and data companies implement new revenue models and compete for access and revenue. The industry is ripe for solutions that span catalogs, delivery channels, brands, devices and services.

The Apttus Value Proposition


Enroll content creators, artists, partners and third-party agencies through branded partner portals. Gain detailed insight into spend and compliance for all your vendors across your network.

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Efficiently consolidate complex and differentiated product and pricing setups across catalogs, broadcast channels, brands and geographies into one quoting inventory. Gain unified views to and control over catalogs across the organization and unlock up-sell and cross-sell potential.

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Enable sales people and partners to focus on understanding the customer’s needs, while the system finds and recommends the right solution to every prospect or customer based on their unique characteristics and revenue potential.

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Orchestrate delivery across sales, operations, creative, research departments and customers, while managing terms, delivery obligations and contract rates. Acquire full transparency to each step of your sales and delivery cycles.

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Measure and Bill

Integrate with ad servers, schedulers, delivery systems or multiple manual data input to accurately determine campaign delivery metrics, account for final costs and automatically manage billing and payments.

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Maximize customer retention and upsell potential with integrated contract management, auto-renewals, asset-based ordering and revenue analytics. Dynamically up-sell and cross-sell based on understanding macro- and granular selling and buying trends, owned assets and inventory data. Build agility and scalability into your infrastructure to allow organic and inorganic growth.

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Solutions Designed for Media & Entertainment

Cellular Tower

Data, Business Information & Industry Research


Content Publishers


Social Media and Online Advertising

Cell Phone Tablet

Broadcast Media

Solutions for the Entire Organization


Achieve a 360 degree view of your customer
Address every customer intelligently as purchase behavior, preferred terms, channel preferences, performant pricing and product strategies come together to drive a better understanding of customer propensity. Leverage historical purchase data to optimize product offer and customer strategy.


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Simplify a complex sales process
Address changing consumption models and consumer behaviors and new technological capabilities in the advertising, broadcast, publishing or data services space. Leverage a single repository and dynamic rules for catalogs, offers, contracts and revenue management information to offer up-sell and cross-sell when the time is right.



Align billing and operations
Easily support revenue recognition, invoicing and billing of any type of revenue (subscription, royalties, license fee, CPM, CPA, service fee, on-demand consumption…), for any product (physical or digital), business, system and in any country. Gain complete visibility into the fiscal terms in your contracts, so customer invoices, partner rebates and revenue schedules are always accurate, easy to understand and up to date.



Standardize, comply, renew and optimize
Alleviate pressure on legal teams while decreasing contract approval times and increasing compliance. Bring visibility and control to the contract process without sacrificing speed and agility. Innovations like X-Author, complex pricing guidelines, mobile approvals, e-signature, and automated approvals increase Legal productivity and reduce risks and costs. X-Author brings enterprise controls, workflows, and collaboration to Microsoft Word.


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