Apttus For Healthcare

Accelerate Plan-To-Policy And Enable Providers to Deliver More Affordable Care

With Apttus Quote-to-Premium, healthcare providers can eliminate manual quoting and contracting processes, reduce revenue leakage, and free up resources to focus on higher-quality, more affordable care. 

Apttus Solution

Apttus Quote-to-Premium For Healthcare Payers

Drive the Perfect Plan, from Quote to Policy to Premium

Healthcare reform continues to drive a number of changes in the payer market, requiring frequent plan updates and increasing the cost to maintain plans. In order to deliver customer-centric and compliant health insurance solutions across the entire customer lifecycle, payer teams must find more efficient methods of doing business. With Apttus, Healthcare Payers can connect every critical business process — including broker inquiry, assessment, quote proposal generation, premium billing, and policy renewal — on a single cloud platform for better visibility and performance. Rapidly adapt to ACA requirements, create winning proposals and quotes, transform customer and provider engagement, and optimize core operations — all while ensuring ACA compliance and profitability.

Know Your Customer Better Than Anyone

Gain insight into all member needs, plan benefits, and member service history across all service areas and channels.

  • Give healthcare payers and partners a 360-degree customer view, including policy info, premium payment history, deductible tracking, claims history, preferred providers, and much more
  • Develop a holistic approach to marketing and selling customer-oriented solutions with on-demand analytics; manage member services and policy renewals, while effectively recommending optimal healthcare providers

Policy-to-Premium Process Automation

  • Gain insight into all member needs, plan benefits, and member service history across all service areas and channels
  • Get a 360-degree customer view, including policy info, premium payment history, deductible tracking, claims history, preferred providers, and more
  • Develop a holistic approach to marketing and selling customer-oriented solutions with advanced analytics
  • Optimize premium billing and accelerate service delivery
  • Generate premium bills for any plan and offer customers multiple payment methods
  • Gain visibility into the latest policy info, premiums, and cost sharing
  • Track customer healthcare spending against policy parameters
  • Proactively initiate renewals from current policies, factoring in existing benefits and rates

Empower Agents, Brokers, and Partners

Allow sales agents, brokers, and channel partners to quickly navigate complicated health
plan configurations, optional benefits, and policy documents

  • Set up state-compliant regional health plan product catalogs and price lists
  • Efficiently manage complex rating configurations and tiers for group, individual, Medicare, and add-on services across all service areas
  • Enable self-service for broker and partner proposals, which seamlessly flow into policies
  • Create plans and optional benefits based on policy history, benefit utilization, trends,
    predictive analytics and drive upsell/cross-sell opportunities

See What Our Customers Say


“Energy Transfer Improves Contract Efficiency and Accuracy While Strengthening the Relationships Between All Parties “Energy Transfer and Apttus developed a system that meets our business needs as well as offers our vendors benefits to increase the strength of our relationships.”

-Tyler Fedun, IT Applications Manager, Energy Transfer

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