Apttus Contract Management for the Public Sector

Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity with Apttus CLM

Need for Automated Contract Management

In the complex and secure world of the public sector, contract management is a top priority. But manual, error-prone contract and supplier processes create waste, introduce inefficiencies, and limit innovation. In fact, many of the biggest issues in the public sector in recent years have been related to poor contract and supplier relationship management. Unfortunately, the common belief today is that contract management focuses primarily on the terms and conditions of the contract itself when in reality, contract management is much more than managing specific words in the contract.

In most organizations, contract and supplier relationship management is handled by various people across the organization who use outdated and manual processes to create, procure, manage, store, and maintain contracts. In order to quickly provide customers an error-free contract, businesses must invest in a centralized contract lifecycle management (CLM) system.

The Apttus Solution