Apttus for the Public Sector

Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity with Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management

Apttus Solution

Procure-to-Contract for the Public Sector

Drive more favorable outcomes from Federal, State, and Local expenditures with Apttus contract lifecycle and supplier relationship management. Apttus gives agencies a centralized contract repository and built-in artificial intelligence to ensure best practices are conducted consistently, with real-time visibility and actionable insights surrounding all negotiations, obligations, and amendments. Engage suppliers more effectively and streamline processes with self-service portals, guided request wizards, and secure mobile access for partners and internal stakeholders.

Apttus Is “A Leader” In The Forrester Wave™ for Contract Lifecycle Management

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Bring Security and Agility To The Public Sector

An agile and efficient government governs best. But manual, error-prone contract and supplier processes create waste, introduce inefficiencies, and limit innovation. With new regulations, more sourcing options than ever before, increased freedom of information act (FOIA) requests, and unique contracting challenges — like indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) — it’s impossible to maintain control and auditability without a modern, centralized system for tracking the Procure-to-Contract lifecycle.

Apttus Procure to Contract for the Public Sector

Apttus Provides Full Visibility Into Purchasing Requirements by Agency


  • Easily track supplier performance against requirements.
  • Engage suppliers more effectively with a self-service portal that uses guided wizards to automate the collection of necessary information by agency.
  • Handle issues and disputes, maintain compliance, and benchmark your suppliers all in one place.

With RFx templates for suppliers that automatically pull in all critical requirements information, Apttus ensures your suppliers deliver complete, error-free proposals.


● Run long-term cost analysis and multi-stage RFx bid response analysis on price and non-price criteria

● Automatic vendor scoring guides procurement teams to the best vendor, which reduces the odds that awards will be contested.

Apttus provides an incredibly robust, innovative, and user-friendly solution for seamless
solicitation management – no matter how many suppliers are involved.

● Request, generate, and approve contract templates, enforce accurate language with pre-approved clause libraries, and enable conditional document assembly, all in Microsoft Word.
● Alert contract officers to non-standard language or terms, and track amendments, addendums, associated documents and contract hierarchies over the life of the case.
● Eliminate paper entirely with comprehensive eSignature capabilities through DocuSign and Adobe EchoSign
● Migrate all your existing contracts to the cloud via intelligent contract discovery and migration.

Apttus provides visibility and transparency on spend across all categories and aggregates the spend information .
● Seamless, centralized procurement process ensures treasury account transactions are compliant and funds are allocated correctly.
● Identify patterns and keep track of which vendor invoices have been paid.
● Integrate into your ERP systems and third-party payment tools to ensure data is consistent across all your critical systems of record.

See at a glance if vendors are upholding their commitments, receive notifications if a
vendor’s eligibility status changes, and help ineffective suppliers improve through
centralized performance plans.
● Easily manage referrals with up-to-date data and track your YTD contract spend
with robust analytics.
● Identify savings opportunities from supplier contracts and forecast projected
● Track the financial performance of the organization through visibility into strategic


See What Our Customers Say

Maxwell Technologies Reduced Outside Counsel Fees by 30% with Apttus CLM

“Apttus has enabled Maxwell’s legal department to have a direct impact on corporate revenue through faster contract cycle time. We have a stronger compliance program, improved accuracy, increased speed in reporting and a 30% reduction in legal fees.”


– Emily Lough Corporate Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer,
Maxwell Technologies

Save Time for Strategic Contracts

Centralize all your contracts and standardize your key contract language and processes, so you can get out of the weeds and focus on the activities that require your expertise. Apttus makes contract officers strategic by driving down contract cycle times and exceptions while increasing compliance and cost savings.

    Drive Margins and Compliance

    Poor contract controls cause Finance to spend more time on purchasing activities and increases the overall cost of services. Get full visibility into every agreement, complete control of all negotiations, and ability to assess all risks and performance measures.

    Take Control Of Your Spend

    Get more insight into spend and compliance for all your vendors. Increase supplier
    contract efficiency, visibility and performance, while ensuring traceability, transparency and compliance throughout the entire contract lifecycle, and standardize the process for routine contracts so you can focus on the exceptions.

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