“Conversational systems will bring the next paradigm shift in IT as technology becomes people-literate.” (Gartner, 2017)

The conversational revolution has started and it’s within your reach. Redefine your seller experience and the way you use your CRM with Max, Apttus’ virtual assistant that uses a conversational interface to simplify your CRM system.

Max introduces the new concept of CaaS (conversation as a service) to reinvent how and where your sellers work, delivering a faster and more effective selling experience.

Empower your sales team using Max in the following fashion:

1. Strategy – Choose which outcomes to focus on
2. Guide – Design the conversation flows tailored to you
3. Assist – Deploy the conversation in the right channels
4. Coach – Use machine learning to improve your business workflows

Join us on Wednesday 7th June for a short webinar, in which we will take you through an exciting demo, a few amazingly crafted slides and discuss the future of SaaS in the context of the conversational revolution.

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