Dreamforce is the world’s largest tech conference, and as Salesforce calls it, “The Learning Event of the Year.” This year is the 15th annual Dreamforce. The event grows bigger every year. Just like the previous 4 years, Salesforce is bringing back it’s Road to Dreamforce series, only with a twist. This year, it’s 3 live episodes with several short videos being released every Tuesday to help attendees get ready for the big event.

Why do people attend Dreamforce?

It’s the Place to Learn

Dreamforce has an amazing and inspirational lineup of keynote speakers. There’s no denying that. These will be the inspirational and motivational talks that make you want to get up and change the world. The 4-day event also has well over 2,700 breakout, hands-on-training, workshop, theater sessions, and campfire sessions! These sessions are where you can dive deep into topics, see how others have solved challenges, and get answers to your questions. A visit to the Customer Success Expo¬†will take you to the center of learning about Salesforce from the experts and partners who make the ecosystem great.

It’s the Place to Make Connections

The second biggest reason people attend conferences is to meet and network with people. Whether it’s people you only know via online channels, people who work in the same industries, and people who use the same software and apps that you do. This is the place to make those one-on-one connections. Since it’s the largest tech conference in the world, there’s bound to be at least a few people attending that you are wanting to meet! One of the best places to make connections is at any of the great parties and networking events that surround the campus.

One more way to get ready for Dreamforce: check out all the great content we’ve gathered together here.


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