Apttus Sessions at Dreamforce 2017

Accelerate Revenue Generation & Maximize Business Outcomes

Using Applied AI to Accelerate Revenue Generation & Maximize Business Outcomes

The Rise of the Sales Ops Machine

Leading sales organizations are taking a significant leap forward in maximizing outcomes through Applied AI. Hear new insights from Harvard Business Review (HBR), on accelerating revenue generation with applied AI and receive a copy of the new HBR study. Ten attendees will be entered to win a subscription to HBR.


Angelia Herrin
Editor, Harvard Business Review

Kamal Ahluwalia
Chief Revenue Officer, Apttus

Wednesday, 11/8 at 11:30am – 12:10pm
Where: The Intercontinental Hotel, Grand Ballroom C

Forward-leaning sales leaders are redefining the selling experience with AI. Hear Ankur Ahlowalia, VP Sales Operations at Apttus, share best practices for harnessing virtual assistants powered by AI to predict bookings, renewals, prices, and more. All attendees are entered to win a $200 unforgettable experience through IfOnly.


Ankur Ahlowalia
VP Sales Operations at Apttus

Wednesday, 11/8 at 10:30am – 10:50am


Partner Theater 3

Circles of Success for Partners: Succeed with the AppExchange Program

MindForce: Control Salesforce with your Mind

Join us for moderated discussions focusing on top business and technical topics. The topics for this session are: Selling With Salesforce, Creating Customer Marketing & Advocacy Programs, Renewals Management, Expanding into New Markets, and Corporate Philanthropy. #DF17Partners


Adina Crossley
Vice President Customer Advocacy, Apttus

Wednesday, 11/8 at 1:00pm – 1:40pm
Where: Park Central Hotel, Franciscan II

Have you ever wanted to control your Salesforce processes with your mind? Like thinking about approving a record… and boom, it is approved? Join us to learn how you can use the Muse headband and it’s EEG detection capabilities to achieve exactly this.


Rajiv Bhatt
Technical Architect, Apttus

Monday, 11/6 at 1:00pm – 1:20pm
Where: Moscone West, Ridge Theater

Industry Sessions

The Financial Services Digital Transformation Revolution is Underway… Get Ready

Meet MAX… AI for Pricing & Contracting for Medtech & Pharma Manufacturers

Asset Managers and Global Banks are facing an onslaught of regulatory requirements coupled with the need to drive higher margins. Learn how to empower your trade desk to construct paperless deals leveraging Artificial Intelligence to maximize client revenue potential and improve deal closure by as much as 30%. Hear how to ensure full contracting transparency and reduce counterparty risk.


Cory Haynes
Financial Services Global Vertical Lead, Apttus

Monday, November 6th, 11:00am –11:20am
Where: Moscone South, Expo Industry Theater

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is bringing transformational value by offering a game-changing pricing, proposal, offer and contracting experience for sales and service leaders working with group and provider customers. Attend this session for a practical discussion of the key capabilities made possible with AI for device, equipment and drug companies.


Gopkiran Rao
SVP Quote-to-Cash, Apttus

Sunil Masand
Healthcare and Life Sciences Global Vertical Lead, Apttus

Tuesday, November 7th, 11:00am – 11:20am
Where: Moscone South, Expo Industry Theater

The 20-Minute Guide to Supplier-Centric Partner Commerce for CG & Retail

Gaining Competitive Edge through Contracting Excellence for the Converged Telco, Media and Technology Enterprise

The consumer goods and retail industries are dominated by complex channel and contractual relationships that create risk across supply and distribution processes. Learn how partner commerce and supplier contract management enables manufacturers, distributers, retailers, and wholesale customers to collaborate across onboarding, contracting and obligations management resulting in seamless and frictionless channel management experience. Attend this session for a practical discussion on connecting the entire lifecycle from onboarding to delivery and promotions.


Gopkiran Rao,
SVP Quote-to-Cash, Apttus

Todd Browning,
General Manager E-Commerce, Apttus

Wednesday, November 8th, 11:30am –11:50am

Where: Moscone South, Expo Industry Theater

Flexible consumption models, pricing and channels are driving streamlined processes for dealing with suppliers and customer cost-effectively while minimizing pricing risk and maximizing asset utilization. Learn how forward-looking companies are holistically addressing all aspects of their contracting relationships improving speed, flexibility, enterprise control and collaboration.


Wim Haverhals,
Communications Industry Global Vertical Lead, Apttus

Wednesday, November 8th, 3:00pm – 3:20pm

Moscone South, Expo Industry Theater

Apttus Customer & Partner Sessions

Moody’s Digital Journey with Salesforce Solutions Enhances Customer Experience

Supercharge Your Salesforce ROI: Case Study with Aspect Software

Join financial industry experts discussing how Fujitsu helped enhance customer experience by implementing a system of engagement for relationship managers and customers, and streamlined customer onboarding and compliance across 15 Countries. This digital transformation generated 1000+ more opportunities within the first year of go-live and increased global adoption.


Muthu Periaswamy
Vice President, Moody’s

Tuesday, November 7th, 8:00am –8:40am
Where: InterContinental San Francisco Hotel, Grand Ballroom C

Join us for a deep dive into how two trailblazers in their respective industries have taken their businesses to the next level. We’ll explore case studies Aspect Software conducted by one of the top business analyst companies, Nucleus Research.


Stephanie Causey
Sr Director, IS Solutions Delivery, Aspect Software

Rebecca Wettemann
Vice President, Nucleus Research

Tuesday, November 7th, 10:30am –10:50am
Where: Moscone West, Lightning Launchpad Theater

Life Sciences: Break Down Silos and Move Faster with Apps

Driving Customer Experience in a Digital Age at Thomson Reuters

Life science companies are moving faster than ever before to bring innovative products to market and connect with their customers. But siloed data can slow down this digital transformation. Join us to hear how Salesforce customers across the life sciences are building agile applications that connect employees, customers, and data, to accelerate growth and drive operational efficiency. Learn how biopharma, medical device, and CRO organizations are generating business value through faster implementation, improved customer experiences, and employee productivity.


Sreelakshmi Kolli
CIO, Align Technology

Tuesday, November 7th, 3:30pm –4:10pm
Where: InterContinental San Francisco Hotel, Ballroom A-B

In 2016, Jim Smith, CEO, set a new strategic direction to transform the experience their thousands of global customers have to serve them better and to grow the $11BN business. To deliver on this ambitious digital transformation, Thomson Reuters brought together talent from across the business, including their partners. Join Thomson Reuters Customer Experience Leadership, and their partners from Salesforce ITC to learn how to achieve success faster with a customer centric approach.


Joaquin Massana
Global Head of Customer Experience, Thomson Reuters

Tuesday, November 7th, 11:30am –12:10am
Where: Hilton Union Square Hotel, Imperial B

Driving Revenue Efficiency for Media Companies Using Automated Contracts

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Community Engagement: How to Know When to Start a Community Group

TruView CLM is an industry fullforce solution built to automate content acquisition and distribution processes using automated contract management. The system allows you to seamlessly manage contractual needs for media contracts from talent deals, license deals to rights, and payments for both content creation and distribution processes. Join us to learn how two of the largest M&E customers used this solution to automate their contracting processes.


Raghu Seetharam
Assistant Vice President, Birlasoft

Wednesday, 11/8 1:30pm-1:50pm
Where: Moscone South, Expo Industry Theater

What’s your level of Community Engagement? What can you do to take it up a notch? How do you know when the time is right to start a new community group? Get answers to these questions and more!


Eric Dreshfield
Advocacy Manager, Apttus

Tuesday, November 9th, 9:00am –9:50am
Where: Moscone West, 1st Floor, Community Cove

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