I can’t believe I’m writing this post. Until very recently this would have been a short blog post – and the thought never crossed my mind a blog post would be needed. But all of the sudden almost more Salesforce mascots than one can keep track of – there are even recently released Salesforce Mascot stickers for iMessage (search “Salesforce stickers” in the iOS App Store). Suddenly, such a blog post has become necessary. Below you will find a list of all the Salesforce mascot that you can expect to see this year at Dreamforce.


In 2008, Salesforce debuted a mascot named SaaSy, who has become a well-recognized figure in the Salesforce ecosystem. According to SaaSy’s twitter page, “I’m the OFFICIAL dreamy @salesforce mascot. Award winner, dancer, FUNNY, cute, super social!”

Saasy at Dreamforce


In 2010, SaaSy was joined by a new friend, Chatty, with the launch of Salesforce Chatter. I’m sure you will see them exploring the streets of Dreamforce.

Saasy and Chatty


In 2015, we first met Astro, a cartoon Mascot that emerged in conjunction with Salesforce’s release of Trailhead. Rumor has it (based on this post from Salesforce) that Astro will be an actual mascot this year, and will be roaming the Dreamforce campus.

The interesting thing about Astro, however, is that he seems to always be changing his costume. Below you see images of him as a raccoon, a lion, a Spaceman, Einstein, a yeti, and more.

Astro Yeti

Image Source: Amanda Cheung

curious Astro

Image Source: Amanda Cheung

However the original Astro, as created by Rochelle Truong in 2015, was a spacesuit.

Original Astro

After being featured as the mascot for Trailhead, we most commonly see Astro as a raccoon. There are always thousands of plush versions available at Salesforce events, and you can expect Dreamforce to be no different.

Fluffy Astros.

Image Source: Amanda Cheung

Einstein, Cloudy, and Codey

At Dreamforce we will not only see Astro in mascot form for the first time, but also, according to a post by Salesforce, Einstein, Cloudy and (for his first Dreamforce although he has already been featured in mascot form this year) Codey.

You can currently see Einstein all over recent announcements from Salesforce. This is because Einstein is the name of the recently announced Salesforce’s Artificial intelligence platform.

Cloudy, the goat, has been seen tied to Trailhead and Astro. There are some images of it below, but it is definitely new to the Salesforce family, first seen in digital form in 2015.

There are a few things to know regarding Cloudy. Apparently cloudy has grown quite popular, with others looking to know more about it. In addition, Cloudy can often be found with one of Salesforce’s most talented and likeable developers, Adam Purkiss – so we know it keeps good company.

Last but not least, Codey, also often associated with Trailhead, is a bear. This picture shows him with the amazing Salesforce Admin Evangelists, Mike Gerholdt, Kristine Lande and Gillian Madill. I believe the first time Codey showed up as a mascot was in January 2016 – but he was spotted in Trailhead last year. And I think we’ll be seeing a lot of him at Dreamforce this year, as he has been spotted all of Salesforce’s “Road to Dreamforce” series.

Cody the bear

Have all of the mascots above got you jealous and wanting your own mascot? A company named Costume Specialists claims the creation of the foam SaaSy and Chatty characters. Why not have them make a mascot for you!

Finally, make sure you check out the recently released Salesforce imessage stickers (search in the IOS app store for “Salesforce Stickers”). With these stickers you will get all of the mascots described above – minus Chatty: Astro, Codey the Bear, Einstein, Cloudy the Goat, and (of course) SaaSy. You can send your favorite Salesforce mascots by attaching them to your messages and photos.

Salesforce Stickers
Salesforce Stickers

This article is written by Maria Pergolino, SVP of Marketing at Apttus. To learn more about Maria, connect with her on Linkedin. She is also @inboundmarketer on Twitter.