Dreamforce is nearly upon us. Just a few short days until all the excitement begins. Are you ready? Have you packed everything you need for the trip? Here’s a few reminders of last minute things to consider.

Swag, Swag and More Swag (And Prizes Too!)

One thing’s for sure, if you are a lover of swag, Dreamforce is the place to be! Many of the sponsors in the Customer Success Expo will have swag at their booths. Sometimes it’s yours for the taking, sometimes they hand it our after you see a demo. In past years I’ve seen swag ranging from little things like pens and stickers, to Starbucks gift cards and socks, and going all the way up to drones and iPads.

Some of the sponsoring partners, as well as Salesforce, are giving away prizes to some lucky attendees. Apttus is giving away a one year subscription to Harvard Business Review to 10 lucky attendees at “Using Applied AI to Accelerate Revenue Generation & Maximize Business Outcomes” session being presented by Angelia Herrin, Editor, Special Projects and Research, Harvard Business Reivew and Kamal Ahluwalia, Chief Revenue Officer, Apttus, at 11:30am on Wednesday, November 8th in Grand Ballroom C of the InterContinental San Francisco Hotel. Talkdesk is giving away a Porsche Cayman. And Salesforce is giving away an Amtrak vacation through the National Parks during the Platform Keynote. Wow. To hear more about the Dreamforce sponsors, watch this video¬†from Salesforce.

Your Mobile Device

Most of us always carry a cell phone no matter where we go. The grocery, the gas station, a local restaurant. If you’re like me, your mobile phone sits by your bed at night and wakes you up in the morning. To keep your mobile device humming at it’s best during Dreamforce, now is the time to look at your storage usage. Can you delete old pictures? Remove apps you no longer use? You need to free up space for all the pictures you’ll be taking. And you need room for the Salesforce Events App so you can stay connected to the action. But most of all, you need to download the Dreamoji app so you can express your excitement at Dreamforce using all your favorite Salesforce characters. Both the Salesforce Events app and the Dreamoji app are available on Google Play and the App Store. To learn more about Dreamoji, watch this video¬†from Salesforce.

Oh! I almost forgot – be sure to bring your portable charger/battery pack, along with all the necessary cables needed to keep your mobile device alive during the long days and nights of Dreamforce. And if you see someone struggling to find a location to charge their device, offer to sit with them for a bit while you share a conversation, a coffee and your battery pack!


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