In my previous post I highlighted the importance of the numerous lounges at Dreamforce, which crucially serve as remedies for the two things that can make the week of Dreamforce such a struggle – the topic of this blog. Every Dreamforce there are two things that, if not handled correctly, can make surviving the 4 incredible (insane) days of Dreamforce nearly impossible– drinking (either too much or not enough) and sore feet. This post guides you on how to deal with both.

Finding Your Hydration Balance

Staying hydrated at Dreamforce is critical, but it can be harder to do than most realize. Outside of mealtimes, Moscone is unlike most large convention centers – it doesn’t have [m]any options to purchase food or drink. You must therefore be smart to deal with this lack of hydration opportunities. First and foremost, Salesforce provides all full badge holders with a water bottle, which will be found in your Dreamforce bag. Normally the case, however, many attendees don’t pick up their bag their first day (or at all). Given the bag pickup this year is in an easier location – Moscone North – the most important tip I can provide is to pick up your bag as soon as you get your badge, and then carry it with you throughout the event.

Dreamforce Backpacks

Aren’t attending with a full pass? Most water stations throughout the hall have cups available so you can quickly grab a drink of water. The cups are small, so either stand there and drink a few, or be Dreamforce savvy and bring your own water bottle too the event.

Finally, much of the event is hosted in hotels around Moscone center. Make sure to sign up for lounges that are near your destinations and routes. Most of these offer free food and drink options that will help you beat hydration.

Drinking – Too Much

With so many hospitality events (Parties!) at Dreamforce, many of which provide free booze, it’s very easy to overindulge. To combat this try these four tips.

Partying at Dreamforce

1. Make sure you’ve eaten. It’s easy to leave your last session and land right into a happy hour, which can easily be followed by a party (then an after-party) – all after having missed dinner. This is often compounded by not eating very much at lunch, because, well, the Moscone sandwiches aren’t getting a Michelin star anytime soon. There are, however, great places to eat around the city. Take a break from the madness and fill up your stomach before a long night.

2. Drink a water in between every drink. This is my personal tip, and how I survive all the Dreamforce parties.

3. Make sure to hydrate during the event (see above).

4. Drastic times calls for drastic measures. If you find yourself hungover, you can recover fast, but it’s going to cost you some big bucks. For about $200, you can have a one hour hangover cure, literally an IV drip, which will have you back running between sessions in no time. And they come to your hotel room. It’s a big price to pay, but Dreamforce only happens once a year. Hangover Heaven, The IV Doctor, and Dryp are a few to consider

The Sore Feet Epidemic

As a 10+ time Dreamforce attendee, I know how bad your feet can hurt by the end of the week. Here are some pro-tips to make your life a little easier, and more comfortable.

Obviously, bring comfortable shoes. Don’t even try wearing those fancy shoes that you think you can just wear for the one evening because they look fierce. It’s not worth it.

– Further, many people end up at Dreamforce wondering why their comfortable shoes are no longer comfy. It’s because throughout the week your feet are going to swell. So, in addition to sleeping with your feet propped up on pillows and remembering to bring some bath salts to soak them in, make sure you bring a pair of shoes for the second half that are a half size larger than normal. This literally saves me every time.

Further, grab a free massage during the week and keep your feet in awesome shape.

This article is written by Maria Pergolino, SVP of Marketing at Apttus. To learn more about Maria, connect with her on Linkedin. She is also @inboundmarketer on Twitter.

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