Dreamforce. It’s the must-attend tech conference of the year for anyone who’s anyone in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Salesforce hosted the first Dreamforce in 2003 with an attendance of 1,300 people. Ten years later, in 2013, Dreamforce was home to over 130,000 attendees, and now, in its 15th year, the event has sold out, with a rumored attendance closing in on 200,000. That’s more people than those who call Salt Lake City, Utah, home. That’s some phenomenal growth! Dreamforce has had some amazing speakers over the years too. People like Melinda Gates, will.i.am, Mark Cuban, Billy Jean King, General Colin Powell (two different years,) and the list goes on and on. At Apttus we might define “celebrity” a little differently, so we came up with a few questions to ask each of our celebrities.  So without further delay, allow us to introduce our first celebrity of Dreamforce 2017.

Celebrities of Dreamforce 2017: Introducing Francis Pindar

Our first Dreamforce Celebrity for 2017, hold multiple Salesforce certifications, including Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator, along with 3 others. He’s the co-leader of both the London Salesforce User Group and the London Salesforce Developer Group, and he’s a founding member of London’s Calling, Europe’s largest Salesforce community-led event. Let’s meet Francis!
Oh the memories!

Apttus: What year was your first Dreamforce, and how many have you attended since then?

Francis Pindar:

    2011 was my first, I paid for it myself but it was worth every penny. This year will be my 7th.


Apttus: Who was your favorite speaker from Dreamforce 2016, and why?

Francis Pindar:

    • Has to be Dan Appleman. His insights into the platform are brilliant. It can be really hard to find a seat in one of his sessions but it’s a MUST for any developer


Apttus: Which band was the most memorable?

Francis Pindar:

    • I think for me it was the 2012 benefit concert with Lady Antebellum. All the MVPs were invited to the concert. It was great hanging out with them all and seeing Lady Antebellum for the first time.

Apttus: What’s your funniest Dreamforce memory?

Francis Pindar:

    • My first Dreamforce session with Steve Molis. I’d never heard him speak and the first time we ended up meeting was at Dreamforce in the session room. His accent was totally not what I was expecting… but awesome. All my other Dreamforce memories are under NDA.


Excuse me, Don’t I know you…

Apttus: Has anyone ever asked you for a selfie?

Francis Pindar:

    • Yes. I think the oddest one was as I was walking off a plane after an 8 hour flight. A guy came up to me and said “I follow you on twitter” and then we took a selfie.
Looking Forward

Apttus: What excites you most about going to Dreamforce 2017?

Francis Pindar:

    • We’re in the age of machine learning and AI, its exciting times and seeing how Salesforce embraces this is the most exciting. I’m also really looking forward to listening to Michelle Obama.


Apttus: If you could offer any advice to Salesforce rookie, what would it be?

Francis Pindar:

    • Don’t try to do too much at Dreamforce and in Salesforce generally. A lot about Dreamforce is talking and collaborating with others, so don’t just pack your day in. On the Salesforce side, Salesforce is now too big to know it all. Its better to know something incredibly well and be a guru in it.



Now you know more about Francis Pindar, and perhaps even a little more about what to expect at Dreamforce. Be sure to follow Francis on Twitter. He’s always sharing something interesting!

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