Dreamforce. It’s the must-attend tech conference of the year for anyone who’s anyone in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Salesforce hosted the first Dreamforce in 2003 with an attendance of 1,300 people. Ten years later, in 2013, Dreamforce was home to over 130,000 attendees, and now, in its 15th year, the event has sold out, with a rumored attendance closing in on 200,000. That’s more people than those who call Salt Lake City, Utah, home. That’s some phenomenal growth! Dreamforce has had some amazing speakers over the years too. People like Melinda Gates, will.i.am, Mark Cuban, Billy Jean King, General Colin Powell (two different years,) and the list goes on and on. At Apttus we might define “celebrity” a little differently, so we came up with a few questions to ask each of our celebrities.  So without further delay, allow us to introduce our second celebrity of Dreamforce 2017.

Celebrities of Dreamforce 2017: Introducing Adam Olshansky

Our second Dreamforce Celebrity for 2017, holds a whopping thirteen Salesforce certifications, including Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator, Data Architecture & Management Designer, and more. He’s a Salesforce mentor with the Vetforce program and a Salesforce MVP. Let’s meet Adam!
Oh the memories!

Apttus: What year was your first Dreamforce, and how many have you attended since then?

Adam Olshansky:

    2015 was my first year. I attended in 2016, and I’ll be there this year.


Apttus: Who was your favorite speaker from Dreamforce 2016, and why?

Adam Olshansky:

    • The speakers from the Einstein Keynote! (Shubha Nabar, Ally Witherspoon, Richard Socher, and John Ball). Loved seeing Einstein in action and extremely excited for the future potential.


Apttus: Which band was the most memorable?

Adam Olshansky:

    • Definitely Bruno Mars.

Apttus: What’s your best Dreamforce memory?

Adam Olshansky:

    • My best Dreamforce memory was probably last year when will.i.am got up on stage to talk to us about his mission to help kids around the world and inspire us to do the same. Love hearing success stories about people coming together to accomplish greatness!


Excuse me, Don’t I know you…

Apttus: Has anyone ever asked you for a selfie?

Adam Olshansky:

    • Yes! Still a weird experience for me but I appreciate their interest so I always agree to it.
Looking Forward

Apttus: What excites you most about going to Dreamforce 2017?

Adam Olshansky:

    • I’m excited to hear what new things Salesforce is going to be releasing and to see all of my Ohana again!


Apttus: If you could offer any advice to Salesforce rookie, what would it be?

Adam Olshansky:

    • Don’t worry about being overwhelmed! Just try to find 2-3 new things to focus on learning and enjoy meeting with the awesome Salesforce Ohana around you



Now you know more about Adam Olshansky, and perhaps even a little more about what to expect at Dreamforce. Be sure to follow Adam on Twitter. He’s always sharing something interesting!

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