Dreamforce. It’s the must-attend tech conference of the year for anyone who’s anyone in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Salesforce hosted the first Dreamforce in 2003 with an attendance of 1,300 people. Ten years later, in 2013, Dreamforce was home to over 130,000 attendees, and this year, there’s talk of the event selling out with attendance closing in on 200,000. That’s almost twice as many people as those who call Aruba home. That’s some phenomenal growth! Dreamforce has had some amazing speakers over the years too. People like Michael Dell, George Lucas, Sheryl Sanberg, Gary Vaynerchuk, General Colin Powell (two different years,) and the list goes on and on. At Apttus we might define “celebrity” a little differently, so we came up with a few questions to ask each of our celebrities, and two of the questions do not have anything to do with Salesforce or Dreamforce!  So without further delay, allow us to introduce our next celebrity of Dreamforce 2016.


Celebrities of Dreamforce 2016: Introducing Shivanath “Shiv” Devinarayanan

Our latest Dreamforce Celebrity for 2016 seems to not have any problem being in front of a camera. He just might have a selfie addiction! Please read on to learn more about Shiv and see if you can catch a selfie with him at Dreamforce!
Oh the memories!

Apttus: How many years have you attended Dreamforce?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

    This will be my third year in a row and I’m so looking forward to it. The adrenaline rush is still the same as the first one! #Can’tWait

Apttus: Out of all the speakers from last year, who has been your favorite Dreamforce Speaker?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

    My Favorite has always been Marc Benioff! His energy is so infectious and I always get pumped up after his keynotes. I was also very happy to see Tony Robbins and Richard Branson at Dreamforce.

Apttus: Which band was the most memorable?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

    My first Dreamforce was in 2014 and Bruno Mars was playing. Along with Brendan Conroy a fellow MVP, we got to squeeze our way to the front of the stage. It was a wonderful experience and being the first Dreamforce that I attended, it’s always memorable.

You must always examine what’s working, evolve your ideas and change the way you do things – Marc Benioff

If I Could Only…

Apttus: If you could ask Marc Benioff one question, what would it be?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

    You think maybe I can ask two? One is – What shoes are you wearing this year? Second – What is the future for Marc along with Salesforce?


Apttus: What is the number one thing on your bucket list?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

    World Domination! Apart from that, have a sit down chat with Marc Benioff.


Apttus: Has anyone ever asked you for your autograph?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

Dreamforce – Past and Present

Apttus: What is your best Dreamforce memory?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

    The Dreamboat party for MVPs was full of awesome memories! It’s where Apex and the Limits got their start. It was a one-of-a-kind experience along with all the other fun stuff we get to do! Huge thank you to Erica, Holly and the entire Salesforce Team!

Apttus: What are you most excited about going into Dreamforce 2016?

Shivanath “Shiv” Devinaraynan:

    I always look forward to talking with my fellow Salesforce MVPs and look forward to meeting the newest class of MVPs. I’m excited to get back together with my Ohana! I’d be super excited for the Dreamcopter, if only the rumors were true!!

Be sure to follow “Shiv” on Twitter and see if you can keep up with all the selfies he will be posting. If nothing else, you’ll learn about more great community members you should follow too!


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