“Twilio was able to cut the time it takes to do an order form by 50% with Apttus as their Quote-to-Cash tool.”


Kevin Louie
Manager Sales Systems

Revolutionize How You Sell Through Conversations

Conversational interfaces are changing how users interact with Quote-to-Cash applications. According to Gartner, these interfaces will become a design imperative for business applications in the next 12 months. In this session from Accelerate 2017, Twilio explained how the use of conversation through applied artificial intelligence will open new opportunities to dramatically increase user adoption and productivity and shorten process cycle times.

About Twilio

Apttus customer Twilio is reinventing telecom by merging the worlds of cloud computing, web services and telecommunications. Twilio hosts a telephony infrastructure web service in the cloud, allowing web programmers to integrate phone calls and SMS messages into their applications. Twilio’s simple, powerful API minimizes the learning curve required to build advanced, reliable communications applications, and its Pay-As-You-Go pricing model means customers pay for capacity only when they need it, not before.

CPQ & CLM: The Advantage of End-to-End Automation

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