“Leveraging a cloud-based platform like Apttus enabled us to process new merchant contracts 65% faster at 30% lower cost—increasing the real ROI for our project. Ultimately, the solution led to increased employee satisfaction scores and happier customers, who were up and running in a matter of minutes.
This was a true win-win-win.”

Vice President of Merchant Acquisitions and Programs

Global Payments Processing Company Reinforces Tech-Savvy Brand by Automating Merchant Onboarding, Proposal Generation and Contract Renewals

Apttus Intelligent Middle Office Platform for Financial Services paves the way for greater efficiency, high proposal generation and holistic self-service renewals.

About the Company

To bring its merchant onboarding processes in line with its tech-savvy brand, the company needed to transform its manual, paper-intensive process into an efficient, digital one.

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