“85% now processed via instant NDA process. Low Touch legal Support”


Emily Teuben
Senior Legal Operations Manager

Starting Small and Thinking Big: Using Quick Wins to Build Enterprise Transformation

One of the biggest challenges of big implementations can be the extended time to value. Apttus customer NetApp built a solution for non-disclosure agreements that solved an immediate problem, and used the success of their Instant NDA Project to increase support and excitement for a full contract management solution.

About NetApp

NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that help accelerate business breakthroughs and deliver outstanding cost efficiency. NetApp’s dedication to principles of simplicity, innovation, and customer success has made them one of the fastest-growing storage and data management providers today. Customers around the world choose NetApp for our “go beyond” approach and broad portfolio of solutions for cloud computing, flash storage, business applications, data storage for virtual servers, disk-to-disk backup, and more.

Contract Lifecycle Management Buyer’s Kit

Apttus Solutions used by NetApp