“The real value is that we will provide our business owners of these contracts really accurate data. And moving forward, we will have a better sense of our contracting universe.”

Greg Bennett
Manager, Legal Operations

Transform Your Global Contracting

In this session, you’ll learn how leading global companies, such as Gilead Sciences, have transformed their contracting delivery models and contract management platforms to drive efficiency, compliance and value creation. You will also learn how these leaders have overcome typical challenges such as process and staffing model disparities, legacy document migration, global security and user adoption, and how you too can become a leader.

About Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences delivers life-saving therapies to patients in need. Its worldwide staff of more than 8,000 people is a close community has produced 23 marketed products that are benefiting millions of people, a pipeline of late-stage drug candidates and unmatched patient access programs to ensure medications are available to those who could otherwise not afford them. Today, Gilead’s research and development effort is the largest it has ever been evaluating compounds with the potential to become the next generation of innovative therapies for HIV/AIDS, liver diseases, cancer, inflammatory and respiratory diseases and cardiovascular conditions. The commercial success of Gilead’s portfolio of 23 products has provided the company with the vital resources to support the development of new therapeutic advancements.

CLM: Drive Visibility and Efficiency While Eliminating Risk

Apttus Solutions used by Gilead Sciences