“As a business analyst who works with Salesforce every day, my love affair with X-Author is based entirely on the fact that I can pull information from a fantastic database into a fantastic data processor faster than ever before. X-Author allows us to encapsulate the entire data uploading process and make it smoother and user friendly.”

Rick Stevenson
Business Analyst

X-Author Empowers CareMore Health to Spend More Time Delivering Care to Seniors

CareMore Health needed a better way to monitor and analyze the costs associated with the management of their monthly customer programs. Thousands of data points needed to be entered into their CRM system. This process could take days to complete, and could only be done by 1 person within their organization. But now with X-Author, CareMore has enabled their CRM users to quickly upload their individual data sets within minutes.

Customer Success Video – CareMore

About CareMore

CareMore, a subsidiary of Anthem Inc., is an integrated health plan and care delivery system for Medicare and Medicaid patients. The company has developed a care model designed to target high-risk, chronically ill patients through focused care coordination, patient education, and proactive disease management. The company was founded in 1993 and today, CareMore serves 100,000 patients across 8 states.

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