“Apttus has created a level of maturity in our quoting processes that we have not experienced before. We have also been able to present a more professional picture to our customers in the sense that our quotes are now consistently branded so that the sales team could really focus on the primary task that they were hired for, and that is selling versus having to enter data all day long.”

Claus Roggensack
Director of Information Systems

Keeping Sales Reps Productive Requires the Elimination of Re-work & Approval Downtimes

Zhone wanted to eliminate duplicative and manual steps in their quoting process, reduce approval time, and eliminate data re-entry points. With Apttus, Zhone decreased their sales cycle time by implementing a process to easily generate new quotes, as well as leverage existing customer data to automatically populate renewal forms. Also, by streamlining the management of approvals without impact on expensive legal team resources, they further decreased the time it took to get proposals in front of their customers. Additionally, with the Apttus Professional Service team Zhone always received a high level of service and the type of support required to be successful.

Customer Success Video – Zhone

About Zhone

Apttus customer Zhone Technologies is a global leader in all IP multi-service access solutions serving 750 of the world’s most innovative network operators and carriers with products and solutions that enable services providers to build next generation networks.

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Apttus Solutions used by Zhone

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Apttus Brings Salesforce and Excel Together Like Never Before, Announces X-Author for Excel

“After implementing X-Author for Excel, we are planning to manage our opportunities and quotes offline and online, leverage Salesforce approvals directly in our Excel worksheets, all while allowing users to stay in a familiar environment,” said Ilya Adler, senior business analyst at Zhone Technologies. “Having this system in place will benefit our day-to-day operations and speed up our general business procedures.” READ MORE