“What we found, in fact, is [the contract lifecycle] is even faster than what we had targeted. So with regard to the time it takes to generate an agreement, something that had taken six days…is now ninety seconds.”

Matt Kruse
Vice President of Corporate Programs, FIS

Apttus Reduces Contract Cycle Time by 75% for FIS

FIS has evolved into the leading global technology provider for the financial services industry, but had a contracting process that resulted in poor customer engagement and satisfaction. By discovering Apttus, FIS was able to add a solution to easily manage their custom and complex contracts in a single platform. Additionally, Apttus’ solution solved the problem around contract inefficiencies while reducing contract cycle time by 75%.

About FIS

Apttus customer FIS is the world’s largest provider of banking and payments technologies. FIS serves more than 14,000 financial institutions in over 100 countries and processes more than 27 billion transactions every year. Clients include top global banks, major national retailers and most U.S. credit unions. With a focus on innovation, FIS is positioned to help their customers be more competitive and address their business challenges and strategic goals. The company takes information security very seriously and provides industry-leading secure and reliable solutions. FIS is committed to protecting the assets of clients and clients’ customers.

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