“By using Apttus X-Author, our staff can quickly respond to customer requests whilst using familiar Microsoft Office documents. All data entry is centrally preserved and controlled by our CRM, enabling our internal teams as well as our customers, to readily access accurate information. As a result, we can better assure quality not only in the quotes but also in the billing process.”

Brian Lillie
Chief Information Officer

Back Office Teams Make a Front Office Impact

Equinix sought to have a seamless and connected sales process integrating contract management, and chose Apttus. Effective use of Apttus templates has reduced risk of human error by 70% during the contracting process. Real-time dashboards deliver visibility into every stage of the contract lifecycle, such as the number of contracts created and how many are in review. Equinix sees everyone on the Apttus team as connected to the Equinix mission, delivering value to their customers.

Customer Success Video – Equinix

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