Value Consulting

Uncovering Opportunities; Ensuring Maximum Impact

The Apttus Value Consulting process spans the lifecycle of your Apttus relationship from Value Discovery to Realization and Optimization. We’re here to help you get the most value out of your investment in your Quote-to-Cash transformation efforts.

The Value Consulting Lifecycle

Our Value Consulting service is a three-phased process that spans the lifecycle of your Apttus relationship:

Phase one – Value Discovery

Business case development to estimate of benefits of the project. At Apttus, every interaction we have with you is focused on empowering success— the first step is to understand your issues and opportunities and see how Apttus can help you make improvements. Value Consulting works with your project team, stakeholders, and leadership to define a project vision, identify improvement opportunities, and financially justify the project with metrics like, Net Present Value, Rate of Return, and Payback Period. We execute this process early in the relationship to design a cost-effective, low risk solution that ensures the long-term success with Apttus. Here is what the process entails:

1) The Need for a Business Case
When a decision requires a capital investment, it has to be reviewed and approved at the leadership level. The Value Consulting team has several decades of experience building business cases to support your specific company needs. Even if a quantified business case is not specifically required, think of it as an excellent insurance policy to answer the question “why are we doing this?” With a high level of due diligence, The Value Consulting team will deliver the answer to this question to win the executive level project sponsorship you need for success.
2) The Intersection of Efficiency and Effectiveness
A typical Value Consulting engagement involves data analysis and in-depth brainstorming sessions with stakeholders and leadership. Early findings are ready in a matter of days. We then solicit your feedback and make any changes needed to optimize the impact of the deliverables. You retain control of the process and the information throughout, while we collaborate with you until the deliverables are ready for your boardroom.
3) Boardroom-Ready Deliverables
Deliverables include a quantified analysis of project benefits and costs and a storyline with both a succinct executive summary and detailed appendices to support summary statements.

Phase two – Performance Tracking

Once your project is underway, the Value Consulting team works with you to define KPIs and data sources and to build a Performance Dashboard to track initial business case assumptions. This is done with our automated dashboards that are embedded in your Apttus environment.

Phase three – Realization and Optimization

The final phase of the lifecycle, Realization and Optimization happens on an ongoing basis once you’ve deployed Quote-to-Cash solutions from Apttus. We track your progress against KPIs, quantify the value of improvements and provide an early warning system where any desired performance may be lagging.