Business Consulting

Transforming Your Quote-to-Cash Business Processes

The Apttus Business Consulting team provides the thought leadership and expertise your organization needs to produce the best business results with Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash solutions. We leverage our Quote-to-Cash Center of Excellence intellectual property to produce lifetime value for your organization as an Apttus customer.


Apttus Business Consulting will help to identify your key business challenges and determine the optimal business processes and solutions to address those issues.

Key Activities
  • Conducting value visioning workshops and executive interviews
  • Assessing your Quote-to-Cash Maturity and determining your desired capabilities
  • Performing in-depth business diagnostics


Aligned with your identified business challenges, we’ll design the business architecture Apttus’ solutions will use to deliver business value.

Key Activities
  • Gathering & analyzing your product, pricing, and sales data
  • Building consensus within your business for a new offering
  • Identifying the critical steps in your business process and designing a future state process map


We’ll implement the business transformation enabled by Apttus solutions and ensure delivery of the value identified.

Key Activities
  • Mapping of your existing processes including: sub-processes, teams, data flow, metrics, and decision rights
  • Institutionalizing of the new rules for your Quote-to-Cash process
  • Deploying of Apttus best practices based on key gaps identified