March 18 by Miguel Tam

Every member of a company, sales or no sales, should be able to express their product’s salient benefits and key differentiators in a quick elevator pitch. What separates you from the competition? It seems like an obvious prerequisite, but as enterprise software provides increasingly complex solutions, the short answer isn’t always on the tip of the tongue.

If you can’t readily convey your company’s value, you can’t expect any potential customer to recognize it. Let’s put it into the context that everyone can identify with:

You’re about to wrap up an interview with your dream job, when you get one last question, “Why should we hire you?” This common interview question throws off even the most highly skilled job seekers. People often rattle off overused clichés like “I work hard. I’m dedicated. I am a people person. These qualities make me an indispensable asset to your company.”

Uh ok. You and everyone else.

In the same way, attracting customers is much like interviewing for a dream job. In what way will your company be right for us?

At Apttus, we’re “hired” by customers all the time to deliver Quote-to-Cash solutions that help companies grow revenue. And even if we nail the discovery call and demo, sometimes the most important question we can answer for a customer is “Why Apttus?”

Develop 3 Key Selling Points

Instead of giving a cliché answer that everyone else will recite, you need to stand out. You need to show how you matter. This is where your elevator pitch comes in. You need to effectively and concisely articulate three things:

  • How are you different from everyone else?
  • What’s the business value of those differentiators?
  • What have real customers gotten out of those differentiators?

Here is how we answer the “Why You?”

  • Comprehensive functionality through insight and visibility into contracts: Only Apttus provides detailed visibility into contracts throughout the Quote-to-Cash process, so customers can intelligently create orders, manage revenue and renew orders that adhere to agreed-upon terms and pricing. For example, before they started using Apttus, one high-tech manufacturer estimated that 20% of their contracts failed to include auto-increase clauses during the renewal process, costing them millions each year.
  • World-class cloud delivery with point-and-click modeling for business agility: Built on The Apttus Intelligent Cloud, Apttus makes it easy for customers to support new business scenarios, such as new markets, product lines or channels. A $1B technology company realized that legacy systems were too rigid to allow sales people to be effective and threatened to sabotage their growth goals. With Apttus, they can now meet their revenue targets by quickly rolling out new products and services to their sales channels.
  • Innovative usability by injecting Microsoft Office with enterprise controls: Apttus X-Author makes it possible to efficiently manage the entire Quote-to-Cash process by just using Microsoft Office, while adhering to business rules and standards defined in Apttus. Apttus allows the Legal team to define legal playbooks and manage contracts inside Microsoft Word, so contract managers and junior attorneys can leverage the experience and wisdom of Salesforce’s most senior attorneys.

By focusing on real differences, we try to make Apttus stand out from all the other options a potential customer is considering. And by showing real customers are getting real benefits, we make sure this isn’t just idle marketing fluff. Make sure to read the entire list of top 10 reasons why companies choose Apttus.

So whether you’re interviewing for a job or trying to sell enterprise software, remember to focus on your differences. Good luck!

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