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The following is a recap of the live broadcast provided by Salesforce entitled The Road to Dreamforce. The broadcast focuses on a different topic of discussion every week and for yesterday’s live episode on August 11, The Road to Dreamforce gave us more information on what to expect from Dreamforce as a sales, service, or marketing professional. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays at 11:00am to catch a new live broadcast every week to help you prepare for Dreamforce.

Why You Should Attend Dreamforce 2015 As A…

Sales Prosales sessions at dreamforce 2015
As a sales professional, there is no better place than Dreamforce to learn how to sell, sell more, and sell effectively. If you are on a sales team, Dreamforce provides the opportunity to grasp a ton of knowledge and great content that can help you be successful in your career. You’ll be able to learn how to grow an effective sales organization and see why the most successful companies are the ones who are able to leverage the different digital technologies on the Salesforce platform.

Service Pro
Mike Milburn, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Service Cloud stated that, “Your company is only as good as the service that it provides.” With an increase in focus on customer service, service professionals can learn why the greatest companies in the world are providing amazing service and see how applications on the Salesforce platform can provide that service.


Marketing Pro
As years have gone by, Dreamforce has solidified itself as one of the most major marketing events in the tech industry. In addition, a large portion of Dreamforce attendees have traditionally been marketers. According to Gartner, 89% of companies are expected to heavily compete in the customer experience field and find ways to maximize their customer engagement by bringing the process to life. At the forefront of this trend are marketers who are appointed the job of taking customer engagement to higher levels, and Salesforce is the ideal customer success platform to facilitate this.

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What Can You Expect From The…

Sales Cloud
The Sales Cloud will be showcasing one of the biggest advancements in their product line – everything has been kept under wraps in terms of the details and what it is, but it will be publicly announced on August 25th and it’ll also apparently have those in the Developer Community excited as well. There will be hands-on walk-throughs with the new technology, have a chance to see how to use it, and learn how to take advantage of the functionality.

Service Cloud
The Service Cloud will be in the Palace Hotel and will demonstrate a variety of different and unique use cases of how customers are utilizing the Service Cloud console and leveraging new technology with SoS (Service on Salesforce). Service Cloud will also show why live-chat and global service support is essential to your business strategy.

westfield sf

Marketing Zone
This year, the Marketing Zone will take on new ground – literally. The entire Marketing Zone will be at the Westfield Mall, with breakout sessions set to be held at the Century Theatre. Customer success will play a key component and the zone will highlight customers in a big way. For instance, Mattel, a toy manufacturer, will be showcasing how they are using the Salesforce platform and the Marketing Cloud to amplify their marketing efforts.

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Other Things To Lookout For…

Sales Summit
A community of sales thought leaders from companies such as Mckinsely, Accenture, and more, will be back for the second year in a row to speak to attendees that consist of a vast amount of sales topics. The Sales Summit will be an all-day event on Tuesday, September 15 at the Marriot Marquis. There will be 13 total sessions – 10 uniques and 3 repeated. This is the perfect summit for individuals who lead a sales team or are a part of sales operations. Learn how sales is transforming with the increasing use of mobile devices and social channels, which are helping companies in a big way. Stay tuned even once the summit is over because a Sales Leader Networking Reception is scheduled to start at 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Puppies, Steps and Donationstweeting
With the help of the San Francisco SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Service Cloud, puppies will be outdoors at the nearest playground on the Dreamforce campus. Service Cloud is also partnering with Jawbone to track all of your steps at Dreamforce and give donations to the SPCA, depending on the amount of steps you make throughout the event.

Tweet For a Good Cause
Sales Cloud is working with Project Rubicon to give attendees at the Sales Summit keynote presentation an opportunity to tweet on Twitter using their assigned hastag. With each tweet that contains the hashtag, Sales Cloud will donate money to Project Rubicon. Their goal for this year is anywhere in the $10,000 to $20,000 range.

The First Ever Dreamforce Film Festival
Wait, there’s more. The Marketing Cloud is hosting the very first Dreamforce Film Festival. With the first of its kind, the film festival is expecting to receive tons of great videos that highlight the future of marketing, what’s changing in business for marketing, how the Saleforce platform can help, and more. All submissions are welcome, and the best films will be played throughout the breakout sessions.

It is an exciting time to be in either the sales, service, or marketing department, so if you are not already thinking of attending Dreamforce, you might want to reconsider your decision… If you’re already registered, then the countdown continues as each day goes by before the ultimate tech conference arrives!


Apttus is giving away two Dreamforce Upgrade Packages on August 14th and September 10th. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your current Dreamforce pass and take your experience to new heights – the package includes valet parking at a nearby garage, gift cards, and more.

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