July 3 by Catherine Desedare

Fourth of July brings many great things—BBQ, fireworks, fun in the sun, and time with family and friends. But if you look a little closer, you might also find the 4th of July brings tips about how you can work more successfully to close deals, and grow your customer relationships. Before America became an independent country, a lot of similar practices that relate well to the sales process were involved in shaping our independence and crafting the overall framework for future generations.

Sound crazy? Well here’s three ways you can apply our country’s history to making your businesses more successful:

Writing_the_Declaration_of_Independence_1776_cph.3g099041. Remember There’s No “I” in Team

In 1776, the early leadership of the United States came together to reach a common goal—freedom from Britain. This reminds me a little bit of what it’s like at the end of the quarter. While Sales might be on the front lines to close the deal, it takes the whole team—Sales, Sales Operations, Marketing—working together to ensure the quote is approved by the customer, the contract is approved by Legal, and the revenue is recognized by Finance.

2. The Fight Isn’t Over Until It’s Won

While “Independence” was declared in 1776, America didn’t actually operate as an independent country until 6 years later. The take-away here is, just because something has been declared doesn’t mean it is a win. Just because you’ve got a verbal commit doesn’t mean the customer will actually buy. Until you have a signed contract in your hands you need to be persistent and responsive. With your customer feeling supported you won’t have to worry about your deal dropping off before the last page is signed.

3. Know When It’s Time For Action

flagThe Declaration of Independence was an important step toward an independent United States, but it was just the beginning. It took years of war to bring the ideals stated in the declaration to life. Similarly, in sales, a contract isn’t the end state—it is the beginning! Once you close your deal, it’s time to move your contract from words to actions, and your persistence in delivering what was promised is what will make your customer relationship thrive.

So as you celebrate the Fourth of July with family, friends, and delicious BBQ, don’t forget the ideals and important concepts that our Founding Fathers had to endure and master in order for us to live in the country that we do. And as a sales rep, keep these ideals in mind as you do your job and remember how effective these practices can be.


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