April 28 by David Teska

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From autonomous driving vehicles that use computer vision, to live translations made possible by machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making every interface both simple and smart–and setting a high bar for how future experiences will work. AI is poised to act as the face of a company’s digital brand and a key differentiator – and become a core competency demanding of C-level investment and strategy. What could your company accomplish if every customer and employee interaction with technology was an intelligent one?

As companies increasingly integrate their core business functionalities with third parties and their platforms, forward-thinking leaders leverage these relationships to build their role in new digital ecosystems. As they do, they’re designing future value chains that will transform their businesses, products, and even the market itself. How will your organization participate in the platform economy and foster the right ecosystems for your business goals?


The new frontier of digital experiences is technology designed specifically for individual human behavior. Technology is shrinking the gap between effective human and machine cooperation, and business leaders recognize that accounting for unique human behavior expands not only the quality of experience, but also the effectiveness of technology solutions. This shift is transforming traditional personalized relationships into something much more valuable: partnerships. What if technology could understand customer and employee behaviors and goals—and respond appropriately?


trending technology

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To learn more about these IT trends, I encourage you to:
•    Read the Accenture Technology Vision 2017 overview and trend highlights
•    View the essential slide shares, videos and infographics
•    Reach out to Accenture to put these innovation-led ideas to work in your enterprise

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