February 25 by Ciara Ennis

London's Calling

London’s Calling, Europe’s largest community-led Salesforce event, took place last Friday, 10th February. It was the second year of this event and it was just as successful as the last. The conference was held in CodeNode, a tech events venue. The venue was perfect for an event of this kind. Located in the heart of London’s Tech City there was a buzz about the place of innovation and creativity. There was a huge amount of demand for the event, with nearly 100 people placed on a waiting list. The event was well attended with 320 delegates there on the day. From speaking with the brilliant organizers they will definitely have to move to a bigger venue next year.

Top Quotes

Here are a couple of my favourite quotes from his presentation:

“It is a bad thing to think of software as static. That it will sit there and not need to be changed”
“What are you going to do today that will make you worth following?”

Event Recap

The day kick started with a keynote from Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce. Mr. Coffee is known for his ability to think about the future of technology and being able to articulate in a captivating way. It was expected that Peter would join the conference in person, however, due to unforeseen circumstances he joined remote in true 21st century fashion via Skype. Mr. Coffee is well known as a staple in most Salesforce and Salesforce community events, as a result the room was packed to capacity as everyone was eager to hear that he had to say. He spoke of the importance of data and what we shouldn’t be doing anymore.

Max and the Demo Jam

The DemoJam took place just before lunch and once again it was difficult to find a seat. For those of you that are unfamiliar with a DemoJam you are challenged to give a 3 minute live demo of your product. At the end the audience vote for their favourite, in this cause via a link.

Demo Jam London's Calling

We introduced the audience to Max… the world’s first quote-to-cash intelligent agent. Max makes Quote-to-Cash processes simpler and fasters, from creating quotes to requesting contracts, Max can orchestrate tasks from beginning to end. Additionally, with natural language processes, users are enabled to interact with Max, in a natural and intuitive way, using the tools they are already use such as Skype, emailing and texting. Max can also provide users with information from other parts of Apttus during key decision points such as notifying a sales person about a great promotion. Nathan and Gov, two of our Apttus sales engineers, demonstrated how you can create and manage contracts by interacting with Max using voice controls via Skype.

A shout out is deserved to TaskFeed on such an informative demo that won them the coveted DemoJam trophy.

Congratulations to Matt Hime from Longtail Solutions who won our prize of a GoPro Hero4.

Wondering where you can find us next? Check out our events page to see the list of events we will be present at.

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