September 21 by Dandrew Cruda

With the biggest cloud conference of the year officially behind us, we take a look at the most notable Dreamforce 2015 announcements that were made last week:

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Gets New Additions: Wave Actions, Lightning Reports, Embedded Dashboards

It was announced that the business intelligence tool will receive new functionality. It will be possible to embed dashboards from the Analytics Cloud into other parts of Salesforce. Salespeople will also be able to take action on what they see on the dashboards with the help of new Wave Actions. With the new Wave Actions, companies will be able to have custom actions such as creating a case, updating an account or assigning a task. The Analytics Cloud will also get a revamped user interface for creating reports and dashboards so that it is more aligned with the Lightning Experience design. Learn More IoT

Salesforce Launches IoT Cloud to Allow Users to Utilize Big Data

Salesforce announced the release of IoT Cloud, a brand new service that acts as a tool that non-technical workers can use to automatically kick off specific actions based on data from Internet-connected devices, social media, websites, and other sources. IoT Cloud can integrate with Salesforce’s other products like the Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. The focus for this product is to be able to take all of the data from the variety of devices in today’s society in order to make it more meaningful to customers. Learn More

Salesforce Launches SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud and for Small Business

With last year’s acquisition of RelateIQ, Salesforce announced a new product called SalesforceIQ for Small Business. SalesforceIQ for Small Business is intended to be a smart “relationship intelligence” application aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud. These new products will make it easier for certain data to get to the right places. It will push information from calendars, emails, calls, and marketing automation software right into the CRM. SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud will not only be able to update CRM records from your inbox, but it will also be able to bring information from the CRM into your inbox. Learn More

Salesforce & Microsoft Grow Partnership: Office & Skype Integrations, Salesforce1 for Windows 10 Mobile

benioff-nadellaSalesforce and Microsoft will take their partnership to a new level. New developments in their partnership will include integrations of Microsoft’s Skype for Business, OneNote, Office Delve, and Office Graph software products into Salesforce. Salesforce will also be releasing a Salesforce1 mobile app for Windows 10 towards the second half of the year. Other top announcements include the ability for Salesforce users to make voice and video calls with Skype for Business and to take notes with OneNote inside the recently shown Salesforce Lightning Experience design. The trend of Microsoft enabling its core software to be used in non-Microsoft platforms continues to be evident. Learn More

Microsoft Provides Salesforce with Cortana Voice Search and Power BI Dashboards

Satya Nadella announced a new integration of Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite into Salesforce, allowing natural-language voice search, predictive analytics and dashboards to the platform. Salespeople will now have the capability to run queries on their Sales Cloud instances by voice. Power BI will also provide dashboards and charts in Salesforce, and Sales Cloud will receive sales forecasts using predictive analytics as a result of the integration. Running queries by simply speaking and having forecasts laid out in front of you? Microsoft and Salesforce are clearly investing a lot into their relationship. Learn More

Eventbrite Debuts New App That Syncs Event Data into Salesforce

eventbriteEventbrite announced a new app called EventbriteSync, which allows data to be transferred seamlessly from your Salesforce instance to Eventbrite – the app is now available in the Salesforce AppExchange. Event data created through the ticketing platform is synced to Salesforce and contact lists and promo codes will then be transferred into Eventbrite to be associated with marketing campaigns. EventbriteSync is aimed to helping companies that host events gain visibility into their end goal and be able to integrate with their existing Salesforce platforms. Learn More

Microsoft Will Help Bring Computer Science to Under-represented Schools by Contributing $75 Million

natyaDuring his update for the future vision of Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft will be contributing $75 million dollars over the next three years, to help bring computer science to under-funded schools. The contribution will be used to fund nonprofit organizations, one of them being the Technical Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS). Satya also mentioned New York City’s 10-year deadline for schools to provide Computer Science programs as additional leverage for his announcement. Learn More


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