December 31 by Zack Alspaugh

Before “Auld Lang Syne” plays or the ball drops, and the book on 2014 is completely closed, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of our best blogs. Here is a countdown of the top 7 contract management solution posts from this year.

7. 5 Ways an Effective Contract Lifecycle Management Solution Prevents Revenue Leakage

Leaking revenue (body)

Research analyst firm Forrester, released a report stating that demand for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions is steadily increasing. CLM solutions are a critical tool in helping firms “create, manage, and achieve maximum value from your contracts.” In particular, they can drastically reduce revenue leakage – the dollars and cents that slip through the cracks when contracts aren’t as tight as they should be. Here is a look at 5 ways an effective SaaS-based contract management solution reduces revenue leakage. >>Read More

6. Three Contract Lifecycle Nightmares

Contract Nightmare

A recent benchmark survey of legal and contracting professionals revealed that many companies are negatively impacted by poorly optimized processes, wasted legal expertise and a general lack of visibility into contract obligations. But more importantly, when contract administration is struggling, so does the rest of your enterprise. This Halloween featured blog takes a look at three nightmares that can submarine your contract processes. >>Read More

5. Kicking Contract Bottlenecks to the Curb

Contract Bottlenecks Miguel

Just about all general counsels or contract managers would agree, no one tries to be a contract bottleneck. But unfortunately, bottlenecks are commonplace during the contract lifecycle, and it’s usually Legal that gets the blame. At the Argyle Chief Legal Officer Leadership Forum in San Francisco, legal experts shared how Fortune 500 Legal teams are eliminating bottlenecks from their contract cycles, and improving the alignment between Sales and Legal, with a better approach to contract management. >>Read More

4. ACC NOLA: Redesigning Contract Lifecycle Management in an Era of Lean Law Departments


“Laissez les bons temps rouler.” The good times certainly rolled in New Orleans at the 2014 ACC Annual Meeting. In an era in which business is reaching all ends of the globe, Legal departments are being asked to do more than ever before, often with limited resources. This problem is exacerbated when companies lack strong processes to manage the large number of contracts. Companies without an automated contract management solution often struggle with compliance errors, stagnated contract cycles, limited process control, minimal risk management and no contract performance visibility. >>Read More

3. Dreamforce: How Salesforce Embraces Buy-Side Contracts

Buy-Side at Dreamforce

When you scale from a four-person procurement team to a global operation in just a matter of years, how do you manage the growth in buy-side contracts? Once Salesforce committed to empowering procurement, building the complete supplier solution was relatively easy. Salesforce partnered with DocuSign and Apttus Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) to provide Procurement everything they needed to generate incredible savings. >>Read More

2. Expanding Your Contract Management Skillset with Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson Contract Negotiation

20th Century Fox has launched an awesome new campaign for their upcoming film Taken 3, in which protagonist Bryan Mills (played by Liam Neeson) will endorse a lucky winner for a “particular set of skills” on his or her LinkedIn profile. Although I can’t provide you the skills to hunt down bad guys and kick some serious butt, I can help you develop your contract management skills and hopefully have them endorsed by Bryan Mills. >>Read More

1. Why Cloud CLM has Become a Must-Have in a Customer-Centric World

CLM Must have

Forrester Research Group VP identified Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software as an enterprise must have as the year moves towards a close. “Demand for CLM software is clearly growing, with revenues of CLM vendors projected to rise by 16% in 2014 and 12% in 2015.” Yet, contract management solutions aren’t new. In fact, they have been available for decades. So why the sudden spike in interest? >>Read More

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