October 7 by Patrick Wolf

Marc Benioff at Dreamforce 2016

As Dreamforce 2016 winds down, it becomes necessary to reflect on what was learned throughout the 4 action packed days of leaning and fun. There is one problem, however. You cannot reflect on what you were not a part of. For this reason, it is necessary to summarize the most important highlights of the conference – to make sure that you do miss any of the game changing innovations announced this year in San Francisco. In a conference full of industry leading technologies, below are the top announcements from Dreamforce 2016.

Salesforce Einstein

By far the biggest announcement at Dreamforce 2016 was the announcement of Salesforce’s AI for CRM – Einstein. From Marc’s keynote, throughout the other keynotes and breakout sessions, it was hard to miss all the talk surrounding the new addition to Salesforce’s Customers Success Platform. To summarize, Salesforce’s “AI for Everyone” marries your customer data with AI and the Salesforce Platform to help you discover deeper insights, be able to better predict outcomes, recommend next actions and automate tasks. The equation that Salesforce came up with is as follows: Worlds Smartest CRM = Customer Data + AI + Salesforce Platform

The Numerous Einsteins

Sales Cloud Einstein – Sell smarter, simpler and from anywhere.
Field Service Einstein – “Uber” for Field Service: intelligent scheduling and dispatching, from anywhere with offline capabilities, and connect everyone with mobile apps.
App Cloud Einstein – Build apps faster with clicks or code, and build smarter apps.
Analytics Cloud Einstein – Smarter and faster analytics, and take action on any device.
Marketing Cloud Einstein – Smarter marketing, integrated digital platform: email, mobile, social, etc.
Service Cloud Einstein – smarter service, intelligent routing, community sentiment, and predictive analytics.

Mascots at Dreamforce

Productivity with Quip

Dreamforce 2016

Recently acquired and announced at Dreamforce 2016, Quip is a complete content creation and management suite for shared documents, enabling you to be more productive with any device. Quip lets you communicate with live editing, comments, and chat. At the end of the day, the thing that Quip does best is increase productivity by removing the flood of emails in your inbox. Users will be able to use SSO with their Salesforce credentials, access Quip living documents on the Salesforce Platform, and use Salesforce Rich Mentions in Quip documents.

Salesforce Live Message (formerly HeyWire)

Salesforce Live Message allows conversational customer service from any messaging system, app, and social network. This new announcement allows service organizations to transform the services they provide, from a transaction into a conversation – creating a two way interaction that solves problems faster.

Lightning Growth

Announced at last year’s Dreamforce, Salesforce Lightning adoption has exploded. With 90,000 customers currently using lightning and 1,000+ partners currently building on it, Lightning – a completely new experience, builder and ecosystem – is only gaining momentum. In addition, Salesforce up to now has released 500+ new Lightning Features – helping to drive many of the outcomes customers require. Most important are the Lightning App Builder, the Lightning Bolt, and the Lightning AppExchange.

Commerce Cloud

New at Dreamforce 2016 is the Commerce Cloud, salesforce’s new digital commerce platform. With the recent acquisition of DemandWare (now rebranded Commerce Cloud), Salesforce is finally breaking into the digital commerce space. Represented in force across the Dreamforce campus, the Commerce Cloud made a splash with their new omni-channel experience that integrates web, mobile, social, and in-store touchpoints.

My Salesforce 1

Not only are more than 1.5 million people using Salesforce from their mobile devices every month, Salesforce also announce the My Salesforce 1 at Dreamforce 2016. My Salesforce 1 allows companies to brand their mobile applications as they see fit, according to their company’s look and feel. This simple innovation means that your Salesforce mobile app now looks like an extension of your company.

KUKA robot at Dreamforce 2016

1-1-1 Adoption

Last but definitely not least, Salesforce was pleased to announce that over 1000 companies have already taken the 1-1-1 pledge – the donation by companies of 1% of equity, 1% of employee time and 1% of product. All over the expo floor this year were companies with the 1-1-1 designation. Hopefully this pledge is reaching critical mass – the number of companies needed to make it generally accepted and understood as fundamental to day to day business.

Meet Max…

Announced this year at Dreamforce 2016, Max… is Apttus’ innovative intelligent agent for the Intelligent Quote-to-Cash Platform. The world’s first intelligent Quote-to-Cash agent, Max… is uniquely designed to manage any aspect of the Quote-to-Cash process – bringing intuitive, conversational interactions to the sales reps that need it most. Not only does Max… interact through messaging applications (based off of bot framework), but it also listens to voice commands, understands texts, and interacts with teams through augmented reality. Quote-to-Cash will never be the same.

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